15 Jazzy Jewel Tattoo Design Ideas


More and more women are choosing to get inked these days. Many women choose pretty and cute tattoo designs, like hearts, flowers, butterflies, and infinity symbols. Truly unique tattoos for women, though, are usually the most memorable. One creative and unique tattoo idea for women is a jewel tattoo design.

Jewel tattoos not only look beautiful, but also sophisticated and quite rich. They can be detailed and very realistic. Some jewel tattoos feature colorful jewels alone, while others feature jewels in settings. Other embellishments, like chains, can also be added to the design.

On the hunt for the perfect jewel tattoo? Check out these amazing designs for a little inspiration…

1. Finger Jewel Tattoo Designs

What better place for a jewel tattoo design than the finger?

jewel tattoo designImage Source

2. Heart Jewel Forearm Tattoo

The heart shaped jewel tattoo design is the star of the show in this forearm tattoo, but the smaller surrounding jewels are the icing on the cake!

jewel tattoo designImage Source

3. Heart Shaped Rib Jewel Tattoo

A jewel tattoo design on the ribs is even sweeter and more feminine when it’s shaped like a heart!

jewel tattoo designImage Source

4. Set Jewel Tattoo

This heart shaped jewel tattoo design looks like it’s set in an elaborate silver setting.

jewel tattoo designImage Source

5. Small Jewel Tattoo

Small jewel tattoos can be just as sexy and alluring as their larger counterparts!

jewel tattoo designImage Source

6. Rose and Jewel Tattoo

Combine a large jewel and a unique blue rose for a gorgeous shoulder tattoo for women!

jewel tattoo designImage Source

7. Matching Jewel Tattoos

These matching jewel leg tattoos are absolutely stunning!

jewel tattoo designImage Source

8. Under the Rib Jewel Tattoo

A large jewel embellished with flowers and a crescent moon makes a super sultry tattoo under the ribs!

jewel tattoo designImage Source

9. Filigree and Jewel Under the Rib Tattoo

The fancy filigree work adds some awesome flair to this jewel tattoo design!

jewel tattoo designImage Source

10. Jeweled Cross Tattoo

Ruby red jewels set into this gorgeous cross tattoo design make it absolutely stunning!

jewel tattoo designImage Source

11. Faceted Ruby Jewel Tattoo

The detail in this faceted jewel tattoo design is pretty amazing and makes it look so realistic.

jewel tattoo designImage Source

12. Jeweled Shoulder Tattoo

n elaborate design spread across the shoulders includes some deep blue toned jewels, and it makes a gorgeous tattoo design for women!

jewel tattoo designImage Source

13. Jeweled Butterfly Tattoo Design

A butterfly tattoo is a nice feminine tattoo by itself, but a butterfly with jewels is even more beautiful and unique.

jewel tattoo designImage Source

14. Moth With Jewel Tattoo

An ornate jeweled moth tattoo design is another unique tattoo design for both men and women.

jewel tattoo designImage Source

15. Jeweled Deer Skull Chest Tattoo

This jewel encrusted deer skull is a totally creative and unique chest tattoo design!

jewel tattoo designImage Source

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