14 Nerdy Tattoo Designs to Embrace Your Inner Nerd


At one point in time, being a nerd was not viewed as being a positive thing. Geeks and nerds were picked one, made fun of, and ostracized from many social circles. These days, though? Being a nerd isn’t all bad. In fact, more and more people are recognizing nerds for what They really are—intelligent and unique individuals. Being a nerd these days is more than acceptable, and some people choose to embrace their nerdiness with a sweet nerdy tattoo design!

Nerdy tattoos can include any sort of design elements that are commonly thought of as “nerdy”. Math and science tattoos, for instance, are often though of as “nerdy tattoo designs”. Think mathematical equations, scientific formulas, and anatomically organs when you think of nerdy tattoos! Need a little help picturing them? Check out these awesome nerdy tattoo designs…

1. Binary Code Power Button Tattoo

Computer nerds can appreciate this interesting nerdy tattoo design that combines a power button with binary code. Heck! they might even be able to read it too!

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

2. Motor Neuron Tattoo Design

What an awesome nerdy tattoo design—a detailed motor neuron in watercolor style, complete with an axon and dendrites, oh my!

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

3. Serotonin Molecule Tattoo

If you’re looking for a truly unique and meaningful nerdy tattoo, a serotonin molecule should definitely be a consideration! This neurotransmitter is thought to have a huge impact on feelings of happiness, and thought to be something of a “happy hormone”.

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

4. Anatomy Thigh Muscle Tattoo

For the anatomy overs among us, we have ourselves an anatomical thigh muscle tattoo, and a labeled one at that! Science has never been so sexy…

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

5. Ripped Skin Mathematical Equations Tattoo

Nerdy tattoos don’t always have to be stuffy. Skin peeling away to reveal some complicated mathematical equations is definitely pretty wicked!

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

6. Not Your Typical Pi Tattoo

Pi tattoos are somewhat popular among the inked nerdy crowd. But this pi tattoo design goes above and beyond!

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

7. Scientific Exploded Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos aren’t uncommon, but a scientific twist can really make a skull tattoo unique. This exploded skull design is truly different and original.


nerdy tattoo designImage Source

8. DNA Forearm Tattoo

The double helix design of DNA is sure to be a recognizable nerdy tattoo design.

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

9. Scientific Nerdy Tattoo Design

This shoulder tattoo is an awesome example of a chemistry nerdy tattoo design! It includes an atom, elements on the periodic table, and chemical elements.

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

10. Planet Tattoo Design

Astronomy lovers can really appreciate the planets orbiting their forearms!

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

11. Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos are pretty common, but an analytical heart tattoo is a clever twist on a traditional design and an awesome nerdy tattoo design.

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

12. Crazy Rubik’s Cube Tattoo

I’ve seen a few Rubik’s cube tattoos in my day, but this one really takes the cake! It reminds me of the beautiful, jumbled mess going on in a genius’ mind.

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

13. Ctrl Alt Del Tattoo

Ever feel the need for a little reset? A set of Ctrl Alt Del keyboard buttons for a nerdy tattoo design might not be able to actually give you a reset, but it can still be a fun tattoo design!

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

14. Geology Tattoo Design

Geology whizzes should be able to easily recognize this nerdy tattoo design!

nerdy tattoo designImage Source

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