14 Impressive Anubis Tattoo Designs


For those who are unfamiliar with the very popular Anubis tattoos – they are Egyptian-based and look amazing when done correctly. In fact, designs featuring Anubis God’s are amongst the most appealing that tattoo artists have to offer. And after looking through this entire list, you will certainly see why so many people enjoy getting them done!

In addition to their cultural backgrounds and appealing designs, Anubis tattoos carry a lot of vibrance and give those getting tattooed an abundance of color combinations to chose from. This allows them to not only stick out well (even from a distance), but to also appear very unique and original to each individual. Given the fact that these tattoos are Egyptian-based, and have to do primarily with Anubis God’s from ancient Egypt, you would think only those with that specific heritage would be seen with them. However, this is not necessarily true, as many people (both Egyptian and non-Egyptian) have Anubis designs tattooed on them. Whether this is because they are ill-informed of the meaning behind this style or because they are obsessed with God’s from this time is not exactly clear, but each tattoo looks great nonetheless.

Since (as you may have guessed) there are a lot of different drawings and sketches of Egyptian Gods, many different styles can be used for Anubis tattoos. In fact, even though traditional and new school are the styles most common used, dotwork, watercolor, and realism is used as well. In addition to the many different styles that are used, there are many different God’s that exist as well. Therefore, if you are someone interested in getting one of these tattoos for yourself, you can choose only the God’s you prefer in order to even further customize your design.

So, now that you know a little about the history of Anubis tattoos, we will present you with our list. Fortunately, since it’s compiled of only the best Anubis designs that we could find online, we’re sure that you will enjoy it!

1. A Very Neat Upper Arm Anubis Tattoo

Not only is this design very detailed, but it also looks great without color. And as a matter of fact, the God you see here is one of the most commonly used!

A Very Neat Upper Arm Anubis Tattoo

2. An Extremely Colorful Anubis Design

In addition to appearing almost three dimensional due to the intense coloring, this design features one of the best Anubis tattoo characters – the Egyptian Horus. Not only can you easily hide this one with a shirt, but when showing it off, your friends are bound to be impressed!

An Extremely Colorful Anubis Design

3. An Anubis Themed Upper Back Tattoo

Featuring not one, but two Anubis characters, this design is very appealing and fits perfectly along the upper back. In fact, the only real downside to a tattoo this complex, is the amount of time it takes to get it done. So, if you some have time to spare, then this back piece is certainly a great choice!

An Anubis Themed Upper Back Tattoo

4. A Traditionally Styled Anubis Arm Tattoo

Very appealing, and certainly a great choice for those who love traditional tattoos designs. As you can see, this one also features the same Egyptian God used in a few of the preceding images, it is just done in a different style.

A Traditionally Styled Anubis Arm Tattoo

5. An Evil Looking Anubis Sleeve Design

Due to the creepy red background and angered look on the Anubis’ face, this tattoo is actually rather frightening. So, if you are someone who enjoys freaking out your friends, then be sure to consider this unique design.

An Evil Looking Anubis Sleeve Design

6. A Neat Purple And Gold Anubis Forearm Design

This Anubis design is very detailed, and (much like the vibrant red image above), it is a great choice for anyone really wanting their tattoo to stand out well. As you may have guessed, this one can certainly be seen from a distance!

A Neat Purple And Gold Anubis Forearm Design

7. A Colored Anubis Head On The Front Right Shoulder

Though most Anubis designs feature only Egyptian God’s, additional imagery also looks great alongside them. As you can see when looking at the image below, this Anubis tattoo was done next to some other Pharaoh related designs, and certainly looks amazing!

A Colored Anubis Head On The Right Front Shoulder

8. A Traditional Black And White Anubis God Forearm Design

Although this design is also color-free, it looks amazing and features the most popular Anubis God. Proving that these tattoos look great both with or without vibrance added in!

A Traditional Black And White Anubis God Forearm Design

9. An Anubis And Horus Egyptian Canopic Jars Tattoo

Featuring not just an Anubis, but a Horus Egyptian as well, this is perhaps the most creative design on the entire list. If you’re someone interested in the history of ancient Egypt and want to make it known to the world, then this is certainly a great choice for you!

An Anubis And Egyptian Horus Canopic Jars Tattoo

10. A Brightly Colored Anubis Arm Design

This one fits perfectly along the upper arm, and is quite possibly the most colorful tattoo on the list. A great example of how nice vibrant, watercolor based Anubis designs tend to look.

A Brightly Colored Anubis Arm Design

11. A Smiling Anubis

It may not be the most appealing smile in the world, however, considering the fact that 99 percent of Anubis’ are completely straight faced in tattoos, this design is actually very unique!

A Smiling Anubis

12. A Black Ink Anubis Arm Tattoo

Although this is considered a “black ink design”, there is some yellow coloring added in as well. In addition to helping the tattoo really “pop out”, the yellow also adds some uniqueness and creativity to the image.

A Black Ink Anubis Arm Tattoo

13. A Very Angry Anubis God

Not only is he angry, but he’s also carrying a giant gold weapon! From afar, this one may appear to not be filled in too well, however, when looking closely at the image, you can tell just how detailed it really is.

A Very Angry Anubis God

14. Two Amazing Anubis Foot Tattoo Designs

Very appealing, and perhaps the best spot for those wanting to cover up their designs from time to time. As long as you’re wearing shoes, no one can see these designs, and as long as you’re barefoot, you can impress your friends!

Two Amazing Anubis Foot Tattoo Designs


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