12 Stunning and Powerful Dragon Eye Tattoo Designs


Dragon tattoos are quite popular among both men and women. These mythical beasts symbolize power, strength, royalty, wisdom, and protection. It’s not a wonder that so many people are drawn to dragons for their tattoos. In fact, some people may feel drawn to dragons for tattoos, but also feel that these designs have become somewhat too mainstream.

If you’re looking for something a little different, a dragon eye tattoo may be just the thing!

Dragon eye tattoos are still representative of dragons and everything that they stand for. However, they’re slightly more unique than full dragon tattoos. You won’t see as many dragon eye tattoos on the streets.

When done correctly, dragon eye tattoos can be exquisite and breathtaking! Take a look at some of these dragon eye tattoo designs to see for yourself…

1. Green Dragon Eye Tattoo

This piercing green and yellow dragon eye tattoo is sure to stop at least a few people in their tracks.

dragon eye tattooImage Source

2. Ripped Dragon Eye Tattoo

A bright green dragon eye peeking thorugh ripped skin makes for a chilling sight…

dragon eye tattooImage Source

3. Dragon Eye and Sun Tattoo

This dragon eye and sun tattoo design is actually a clever cover for an unwanted butterfly tattoo.

dragon eye tattooImage Source

4. Green Dragon Eye Bicep Tattoo

Biceps are a great place for detailed dragon eye tattoos, like this shimmering green tattoo design.

dragon eye tattooImage Source

5. Realistic Dragon Eye Tattoo

The detail in this realistic dragon eye design is simply exquisite!

dragon eye tattooImage Source

6. Dragon Eye Tattoos on Shoulders

Chinese dragon eyes surrounded by red scaly skin peek out from this man’s shoulders.

dragon eye tattooImage Source

7. Tribal Dragon Eyes Tattoo

Red dragon eyes incorporated into a simple, bold black tribal tattoo makes a gorgeous lower back tattoo design for women!

dragon eye tattooImage Source

8. Dragon Eye Elbow Tattoo

Elbow tattoos can be pretty tricky to pull off, but this yellow dragon eye design is spot on!

dragon eye tattooImage Source

9. Realistic Dragon Eye Biceps Tattoo

Here’s another amazing example of an amazingly detailed and realistic dragon eye bicep tattoo design.

dragon eye tattooImage Source

10. Red Dragon Eye Tattoo

Most dragon eye tattoos are bright green or yellow, but this bright red dragon eye is a pretty awesome variation!

dragon eye tattooImage Source

11. Red Dragon Eye Through Ripped Skin

This red dragon eye design is even more chilling as it’s peeking through ripped skin.

dragon eye tattooImage Source

12. Galaxy Dragon Eye Tattoo

This amazing tattoo design combines two beautiful elements—a galaxy and a dragon eye—into one seamless piece!

dragon eye tattooImage Source

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