11 Delightful Dinosaur Tattoos


If there is one thing in the world that fascinates people, its the fact that there were once giant beasts that roamed the earth called dinosaurs. Once fossils of these giant lizards were found, everyone caught dinosaur fever, and they have had it ever since. Of course, mega hit movies like Jurassic Park have only added to the fever because for the first time, dinosaurs were alive again and bad as ever! How many of you love the Jurassic Park films and are looking forward to the new one?

Believe it or not, some people love dinosaurs so much, they decide to get a dinosaur tattoo. You all ever seen a dinosaur tattoo? Well guess what, you all are about to see them because we have found these 11 Delightful Dinosaur Tattoos that are going to show you just how awesome dinosaur tattoos really are. Enough of our rambling though because these dinosaur tattoos are awesome and you’re going to love them! Are you ready to check out the list of dinosaur tattoos? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Dinosaur with Hair and Leather Jacket Tattoo

Ever seen a rock and roll dinosaur with dark hair and a leather jacket? Well take a close look because you are! This dinosaur is pretty cool and very hip.

Dinosaur with Hair and Leather Jacket TattooDinosaur with Hair and Leather Jacket Tattoo

Dinosaur Skeleton Chest Tattoo

Here is how some people see dinosaurs these days, and that is in a museum in a huge display. Well this tattoo shows a great skeleton, and its pretty cool for a tattoo.

Dinosaur Skeleton Chest TattooDinosaur Skeleton Chest Tattoo

Dinosaur Skull Shoulder Tattoos

This woman loved dinosaurs so much she got a pair of dinosaur skulls on each one of her shoulders. What do you think of these matching tattoos?

Dinosaur Skull Shoulder TattoosDinosaur Skull Shoulder Tattoos

Cute Green Cartoon Dinosaur Tattoo

Oh my look how cute this dinosaur is! Now typically, dinosaurs are terrifying, but this one is so sweet and very cute.

Cute Green Cartoon Dinosaur TattooCute Green Cartoon Dinosaur Tattoo

Dinosaur Skull with Flowers Tattoo

Now this is a nice take on a dinosaur tattoo! This dinosaur skull is pretty cool and to make it better its got flowers all around it!

Dinosaur Skull with Flowers TattooDinosaur Skull with Flowers Tattoo

Black Dinosaur Skeleton Chest Tattoo

Wow now this tattoo had to take some time because it is with black ink and pretty detailed!


Black Dinosaur Skeleton Chest TattooBlack Dinosaur Skeleton Chest Tattoo

Dinosaur Skull Arm Tattoo

This dinosaur skull is the great for an arm, and you can ever see every single one of its sharp teeth.

Dinosaur Skull Arm TattooDinosaur Skull Arm Tattoo

Dinosaur Chasing Dinosaur Shadow Arm Tattoo

Here we see a T-Rex chasing another dinosaur, and the cool part is that they are in shadow, which makes it even cooler.

Dinosaur Chasing Dinosaur Shadow Arm TattooDinosaur Chasing Dinosaur Shadow Arm Tattoo

Tiny Brontosaurus Wrist Tattoo

Now this is one tiny discreet little wrist tattoo, what do you all think of it?

Tiny Brontosaurus Wrist TattooTiny Brontosaurus Wrist Tattoo

Colored Velociraptor Tattoo

There is one dinosaur that is really scary, and that is the Velociraptor, and here is a great colored tattoo that shows it of really well! You can see the claws and its teeth!

Colored Velociraptor TattooColored Velociraptor Tattoo

Colored Brontosaurus Cartoon Tattoo

Awww here is a sweet Brontosaurus that is a cartoon, and its very colorful too isn’t it?

Colored Brontosaurus Cartoon TattooColored Brontosaurus Cartoon Tattoo

So, were we right about dinosaur tattoos? Did these tattoos surprise or impress you? If these tattoos have inspired you to speak, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list of tattoos, we have links to even more lists below to many different things. All you have to do is click one of the links, and you’ll be on a new page in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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