10 Vicious Vampire Bite Tattoo Design Ideas

vampire bite tattoo design 1

Vampire bite tattoo designs are interesting and unusual pieces of body art. People with a dark or Gothic streak might be interested in vampire bite tattoos. Real vampires are creatures of horror mythology, but they still invoke feelings of fascination and intrigue. Vampires are dark, romantic, and a little thrilling, making vampire bite tattoos quite alluring for some people.

A vampire bite tattoo design is usually a bit graphic, complete with droplets of blood. These tattoos are also usually located on the neck or shoulder. However, vampire bite tattoos are might also be found on other parts of the body, particularly the wrist.

Are you considering a vampire bite tattoo design? Check out these awesome examples for a little inspiration!

1. Deep Vampire Bite Tattoo Design

Deep vampire bites may strike fear into the hearts of some. For others, these deep puncture wounds open a door to a mysterious and dark world.

vampire bite tattoo design 1Image Source

2. Bleeding Vampire Bite Tattoo

A little blood is to be expected on vampire bites, and that’s beautifully portrayed in this vampire bite tattoo design on the collar bone.

vampire bite tattoo designImage Source

3. Gruesome Vampire Bite Neck Tattoo

Vampire bite tattoo designs can also be a little gruesome, like this neck tattoo, complete with blood and bruising.

vampire bite tattoo designImage Source

4. Running Blood Bite Tattoo

Blood running from this vampire bite neck tattoo is a surprisingly beautiful and alluring sight!

vampire bite tattoo designImage Source

5. Top and Bottom Vampire Bite Tattoo

Although most vampire bite tattoo designs feature the widely recognized double holes from a traditional vampire bite, you have to admit that the top an bottom bite marks can look pretty great as well.

vampire bite tattoo designImage Source

6. Dripping Blood Vampire Bite Tattoo

Without the small drops of blood, this vampire bite tattoo might go unnoticed on the neck.

vampire bite tattoo designImage Source

7. Small Vampire Bite Tattoo Design

Small inconspicuous vampire bite marks as a tattoo on the neck are subtle, yet powerful! A unique choice for someone not looking for a large in-you-face vampire bite tattoo design.

vampire bite tattoo designImage Source

8. Spreading Vein Vampire Bite Tattoo

Once you get bit, it’s only a matter of time before the vampire essence spreads through your body, and this vampire bite tattoo represents that idea well!

vampire bite tattoo designImage Source

9. Bruised Vampire Bite Tattoo

For a more realistic look, some shading and bruising works wonders on a vampire bite tattoo design!

vampire bite tattoo designImage Source

10. Vampire Bite Wrist Tattoo

Not all vampires go for the neck. Some prefer to plant their eternal kiss on the wrist.

vampire bite tattoo designImage Source

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