10 Amazing Ankle Arrow Tattoo Designs


Ankle tattoos can be a lot of fun, and for anyone wanting to get one, the question may be about which kind to get. The ankle can be a hidden part of the body unless the weather is warm, and the person with the ankle tattoo is wearing shorts and sandals. While there are all kinds of ankle tattoos out there, the fact is that one cool design to consider is arrows. Arrows can be anything from cupid to the Native American kinds. Have you all ever seen an arrow tattoo on the ankle? Well keep reading on and you will soon!

We have searched under every rock in the world to find you these 10 Amazing Ankle Arrow Tattoo Designs. We made sure to find a variety of ankle arrow tattoos to show you all because for some of you, this is the first time you have ever seen an ankle tattoo that involves an arrow. So, we have said enough because we are starting to ramble! Are you ready to check out the list of ankle arrow tattoos? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Fairy with Bow and Arrow Ankle Tattoo

Here is a really cool fairy design that has a fairy with a bow and arrow, and the tattoo is actually fairly large even though it is right on the ankle.

Fairy with Bow and Arrow Ankle TattooFairy with Bow and Arrow Ankle Tattoo

Arrow Wrap Around Ankle Tattoo

This tattoo around the ankle is actually pretty simple, but sometimes people like that because they want their tattoos to be simple.

Arrow Wrap Around Ankle TattooArrow Wrap Around Ankle Tattoo

Bow and Arrow Ankle Tattoo

Oh my here is a cool bow and arrow ankle tattoo that is pretty small, and it really says something because it can represent pretty much anything you want it to whether it is love or the fact a person is Native American.

Bow and Arrow Ankle TattooBow and Arrow Ankle Tattoo

Let Go Arrow Ankle Tattoo

Here is a cool arrow tattoo that says let go, which can mean more than just letting an arrow fly, it can also mean anything like let go of the pain or let go of the heartbreak that someone may be feeling.

Let Go Arrow Ankle TattooLet Go Arrow Ankle Tattoo

Upright Arrow Ankle Tattoo

This tattoo is of an arrow pointing upright, and it is actually located on the side of the ankle, which makes it pretty interesting because it is located rather low on the leg.

Upright Arrow Ankle TattooUpright Arrow Ankle Tattoo


Arrow Tattoo On the Ankle

Some people want a simple arrow tattoo on their ankle, and one look at this tattoo shows that you cannot get much simpler than this!

Arrow Tattoo On the AnkleArrow Tattoo On the Ankle

Ankle Arrow Tattoo with Vine

Now this is an arrow tattoo that is on the ankle, but it also has a vine around it, which adds something to it, don’t you all think?

Ankle Arrow Tattoo with VineAnkle Arrow Tattoo with Vine

Tiny Arrow Tattoo On Ankle

Anyone that wants their arrow tattoo to be tiny can really get their wish with a tattoo like this because this one is very microscopic and right on the surface of the ankle itself.

Tiny Arrow Tattoo On AnkleTiny Arrow Tattoo On Ankle

Arrow with Feather Ankle Tattoo

Now this is a truly cool arrow tattoo because it has a feather with it, and that makes it very Native American, which is what some people want!

Arrow with Feather Ankle TattooArrow with Feather Ankle Tattoo

Crossed Arrows Ankle Tattoo

Here are two people that got matching crossed arrow ankle tattoos, and it shows that these tattoos look great on both men and women!

Crossed Arrows Ankle TattooCrossed Arrows Ankle Tattoo

So, were we right about arrow tattoos being from almost anything? Did these arrow tattoos on the ankle surprise or impress you? If these ankle tattoos have left you speechless, be sure to leave us a comment below and tell us why. However, if you didn’t like this list of ankle tattoos, we have links to even more lists below that should make you all happy. All you have to do is click one of these links, and you’ll be on a new page and exciting list. So, what are you all waiting for? Let’s get started!

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