15 Hilarious Donald Trump Pictures

Funny Trump Epic

Due mostly to his winning of the recent U.S. election, Donald Trump is one of the world’s most talked about individuals, and though many people are actively protesting his presidency, there is a silver lining to his growing popularity!

In addition to the increased amount of Donald Trump articles, there have also been an increased amount of Donald Trump pictures posted on the internet, and while some of them are indeed serious, others have been altered to look downright hilarious. That’s right – thanks to the wonders of photoshop, snapchat, meme generators, and technology in general, many of the 45th U.S. President’s most viewed pictures have been edited, altered, and customized in a way that is bound to make anyone chuckle. So, in an attempt to make our readers laugh while also proving just how funny and creative some people can be, we have created the list below. It consists of 15 hilarious Donald Trump pictures, and whether you are a fan of the current U.S. President or just wanting to laugh at his expense, it should certainly be enjoyable for you.

1. Donald Trump As A Woman

Created with a hilarious snapchat filter, this picture features the U.S. President as a woman, and has been shared consistently throughout social media.

Donald Trump As A Woman

2. Donald Trump Balding

Though we all know he has a rather noticeable head of hair, this picture shows what Trump would like like without his current comb over.

Donald Trump Balding

3. Donald Trump Next To A Similar Looking Cat

Perhaps one of the benefits of Trump not balding, is the fact that we can emulate his very unique hairstyle on small animals.

Donald Trump Next To A Similar Looking Cat

4. A Cartoon Drawing Of Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

Another image that (since it’s creation) has been shared all over the internet. This one features a cartoony drawing of Donald Trump standing next to his former opponent and 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

A Cartoon Drawing Of Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

5. Who Wore It Better?

A rather tough decision on who wore it better – Donald Trump, or the ear of corn to the right side of this image?

Though the corn and text were of course added in on a meme generator, the left image is actually un-edited and was taken while the wind was blowing against Trump’s hair.

Who Wore It Better?

6. Donald Trump As An Orange

This image goes to show just how orange Trump’s face is, and just how noticeable fake tans are!

Donald Trump As An Orange

7. The American Adolf Hitler?

In this image, Trump is compared to the former German dictator Adolf Hitler.

Though the comparison is of course exaggerated and may not be very “funny” to some U.S. citizens, a lot of people have gotten a kick out of it.

The American Adolf Hitler?

8. Donald Trump With A Very Large Mouth

This one may have just been edited this way to look funny, or it may have been edited this way to call Trump a loud mouth..

Donald Trump With A Very Large Mouth

9. Donald Trump With Some Oddly Placed Eyes

A funny, yet eerie photo in which Donald Trump’s eyes have been edited and moved to different areas of his head!

Donald Trump With Some Oddly Placed Eyes

10. A Toothless Donald Trump

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the President Of The United States would like like without teeth..

Believe it or not, only his teeth were edited on this picture.

A Toothless Donald Trump

11. An Even Bigger Headed Donald Trump

As opposed to writing about how Donald Trump has a “big head”, why not just edit one of his images to looks like this one?

Though this image was edited/created in 2011, it is still shared and laughed at today.

An Even Bigger Headed Donald Trump

12. Donald Trump With Some Shorter, Slicked Back Hair

Created by an online re-stylist, this image shows what the 45th U.S. President would look like with a more trendy head of hair.

Donald Trump With Some Shorter, Slicked Back Hair

13. China Remix!

This very funny thug-life styled picture features Donald Trump with a pair of shades, and set for a “China Remix”.

China Remix!

14. Donald Trump As “The Joker” From Batman

In addition to editing his hair, eyebrows, lips, and face, they edited the color of his suit as well!

Donald Trump As “The Joker” From Batman

15. Jonny Depp-Style Trump

According to the Funny Or Die website and Variety.com, this Jonny Depp-style Trump photo will be used in a parody movie of the U.S. President.

It is reported that Jonny Depp will act as Trump in the film, and that it will be submitted for Emmy nomination.

Jonny Depp-Style Trump


  1. These are very fitting:
    Donald Trump As “The Joker” From Batman
    A Toothless Donald Trump
    Donald Trump With A Very Large Mouth
    The American Adolf Hitler?

    Donald Trump As An Orange
    Orange you glad his time in office is almost over. Trump and his cronies can leave the building and go straight to jail.

  2. You-know-who is the worst president in American History. He would be convicted in the Senate if he keeps up the insane things he is doing.

    These portraits of him are very appropo. Especially the one depicting him as the sick tyrant Hitler.

  3. I can tell the others that posted are left wing liberal idiots that know nothing and have listened to nothing but CNN and there lies they continuously spit out .
    President Trump has been the best President,Reagan IMO ranks next,then Washington,Lincoln.
    He has brought back jobs to Americans,guess he found the magic wand the idiot Obama before him said he’d need! All he did was give billiions on a tarmac to Iran,and sold illegal arms that got a border agent killed,oh,and who could forget help covering up for Hillary to keep her out of prison !
    Trump has not only brought jobs back,he,not Obama like they’d have you believe,President Trump is responsible for the great economy,for getting some many stupid regulations off so businesses can actually get things done,for trying to stop illegal from coming in that way up our welfare system and is costing this country Billions of dollars a year !
    And I can go on and on ! Stop drinking the left wing kool aid,President Trumps not racist,all these people know that,they use to work with him and love him,until he became President ! They only try to make him out to be racist because they disagree with his politics !
    So wake the hell up people President Trump is trying to make America great again,when products were made here and we took pride in it,when we could leave our doors open without worrying about it,a time when neighbors helped each other ! You young people need to grow up and STOP listening to these liberal college professor and liberal news that only lies to fit there political narratives,CNN,MSNBC,ABC,etc…

    • If this is what you believe fine. But Trump is the most DANGEROUS man in the world, trying to incite violence for his own purposes. A white supremacist and worst of all the INTELLIGENCE OF AN EARTHWORM. God Help us.


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