14 Stylish Orbital Piercings

Black Orbital Jewelry

Typically done through the lobe or helix with rounded rings, orbital piercings enter and exit two or more perforations of the ear. Though, due to the multiple entry areas, these piercings may sound difficult to obtain, shops tend to have an easy time with them, and fortunately for those interested in getting one for themselves, they have become rather trendy.

As is the case with many other piercings, a lot of different variations, ideas, and styles have been created over the years, resulting in a boat load of orbital piercing options for people to choose from. Now, in addition to single ring orbitals, these piercings can feature two, three, and sometimes even four total rings – all entering and exiting multiple parts of the ear. Not only have these creative variations increased the overall demand for orbital piercings, but they have willed others to think up some ideas of their own and see just how creative they can be.

In order to show just how unique these piercings are, we have compiled a list of 14 stylish examples, sure to make your jaw drop. So, whether you are in the market for a piercing yourself or just wanting to see some neat pictures, sit back, relax, and keep on scrolling!

1. A Very Unique Orbital Ear Piercing

Though most single orbital piercings point outwards from the side of the head, this one is sitting completely parallel to it.

A Very Unique Orbital Ear Piercing

2. A Double Orbital Piercing

Another great way to use orbital piercings, by having two of them right next to each other. Double orbital piercings aren’t too common, but they certainly look neat.

A Double Orbital Piercing

3. The Orbital Piercing Combo

Complete with gold jewelry, this orbital piercing features three total pieces – one ring, one stud, and an open loop at the bottom.

The Orbital Piercing Combo

4. Some Stylish Blue Flowers

Very stylish, and great for those who are into colorful jewelry. Believe it or not, flowers are actually seen frequently on orbital piercings, and certainly add a lot of uniqueness to them.

Some Stylish Blue Flowers

5. Orbital Eye Piercing

It may be painful to get, but it will certainly look cool once the piercing is finished!

Orbital Eye Piercing

6. A Star Studded Orbital

Fortunately, when you get bored of normal orbital studs, you can switch your jewelry out for a star. This specific piercing features a nice silver ring on the lower orbital too.

A Star Studded Orbital

7. A Large, Thin Orbital Ring

Though most orbitals are rather easy for piercing artists to do, the one seen below takes some serious talent to pull off. The middle part of the orbital is also somewhat painful to have pierced, due to the overall thickness of it.

A Large, Thin Orbital Ring

8. A Silver and Blue Heart Shaped Orbital

Yes it is technically poking out the top of the ear, but since the bottom of the heart comes down into the ear shell, entering and exiting in multiple areas, this too is considered to be an orbital piercing.

A Silver and Blue Heart Shaped Orbital

9. An Orbital Ring (With A Bar Through It’s Center)

Though most barred ring’s are attached at both ends, this one has a flat head towards the top, allowing it to remain un-connected.

An Orbital Ring (With A Bar Through It’s Center)

10. An Orbital Lobe Piercing

As previously mentioned, orbital piercings can be done on the ear lobe as well. This one seems to be connecting a once separated piece of cartilage.

An Orbital Lobe Piercing

11. A Double Orbital Piercing, With Some Additional Jewelry

The two jewelry pieces toward the bottom are uniquely shaped, and the double rings towards the top are studded!

A Double Orbital Piercing, With Some Additional Jewelry

12. Black Orbital Jewelry

Let’s face it, some people just aren’t into shiny, flashy colors. If you happen to be one of those people, then dark jewelry pieces (like the ones below) are certainly a great choice for you.

Black Orbital Jewelry

13. An Orbital Bird

As opposed to simple, every day rings, bars, and studs, why not get a silver orbital bird? They are very original, and look great wrapped around the shell of your ear!

An Orbital Bird

14. Four Orbital Rings

Due to their positioning, these four orbital rings are technically defined as rook to helix piercings.

Four Orbital Rings


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