How To Create Ravishing Interweaving Photo-Strips Effect in Photoshop


In this interesting Tutorial, you will learn Photoshop Effects by using various techniques in Photoshop. You will be creating many interweaving strips with different layers and the result will look stunning.

So check out and learn how to create an Interweaving Photo-strips Effect. You can click on the images to see the larger version.

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  • Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Skill: Intermediate
  • Estimated Time: 2 hrs

Final Result


Tutorial Resources

Girl Image

Step 1

Open the image into Photoshop.


Step 2

Open rulers (Ctrl + R), and make a horizontal and vertical guide by clicking and dragging from the horizontal and vertical rulers.Align the photo‘s Background lines to these lines by rotating the image a bit (I used a rotation of -1.2 degrees) with the help of transform tool (Ctrl + T).


Step 3

Hide your guides (Ctrl + H)Select your Crop tool (C)Hold down Shift key and drag around your image to make a square; make sure to also crop unnecessary parts arise due to rotation.


Step 4

Make a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N)


Step 5

Make a horizontal selection around 1 inch thick.Fill it with black color (You can fill it with any color) on new layer.Reduce its opacity to 50%.


Step 6

Rotate the black strip 45 degreesIncrease the length to cover the entire photoMove the layer to the center of the image.


Step 7

Duplicate the image and move it at a certain distance.


Step 8

Repeat step 7 several times to cover the image in the manner I have done.


Step 9

Select all the strip layers and merge (Ctrl + E) all the strip layers into a single layer.


Step 10

Hide the strip layer.


Step 11

Duplicate the girl layer.


Step 12

Add a layer mask by clicking on the third icon on the bottom part of layer panel.


Step 13

Unhide the strips layer and make a selection out of it (Ctrl + Click).Fill this layer with FG color (Alt + Backspace).Invert your selection (Ctrl + Shift + I).


Step 14

Select your layer maskFill it with black color.


Step 15

Unhide this layer.Duplicate your girl‘s layerAdd a layer mask on the new layer.


Step 16

Make a selection of your layer mask (Ctrl + Click on the layer mask).Rotate the selection 90 degrees clockwise with the help of transform tool (Ctrl + T).Press EnterInvert your selectionFill the new layer mask with black color.


Step 17

Unhide your Girl‘s layerAdd a new layer below all the layers and fill it with black color.


Step 18

Make a Selection of your first layer mask (Ctrl + click on layer mask)Inter select your second layer mask (Alt + Ctrl + Shift + Click on your second layer mask)Go to Select > Save Selection and save your selection.


Step 19

Deselect your alternate selections with lasso tool.


Step 20

Duplicate (Ctrl + J) your girl‘s layer.Note that only those portion have come up which were selected.Rename this layer as Diagonal.Rename your two masked layers as Diagonal mask and Cross mask.


Step 21

Load your selection (Go to Select > Load selection).Repeat steps 19 and 20 but this time make sure to deselect the other alternate squares.And rename the newly created layer as cross.Arrange your cross layer with your cross mask layer and diagonal layer with diagonal layer.


Your layer palette should look like this.


Step 22

Select your cross layerGo to layer > Create clipping maskRepeat this step on diagonal layer too.


Step 23

Select your cross layerOpen your layer style propertiesCheck on outer glow

  • blend mode: multiply
  • Color: black
  • Size: 65 px
  • Range: 50%


Step 24

Copy your layer style properties and paste it on diagonal layer.


Final Result

This is your final look.


Photoshop Interweaving Tutorial

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  1. Excellent tutorial, wherein it was explained in a detailed way. Though I knew this technique, it will surely be helpful for others especially beginners. Thanks.

  2. I didn’t think creating an interweaving photo strips effect was simple until I keenly read through this tutorial. You guys must be awesome (you really are) for giving me a reason to think.

  3. Their is defiantly a step missing between steps 13 and 14. How do i get my stripes on my layer mask like you have and how do i fill the layer with black ??

    • the layer is in 50% opacity so directly filling it with black will note give u pure black of 100% opacity so the step i hv tried is that on the strip layer duplicate the layer and merge it and try filling it….hope it works

  4. well, actually i was thinking for my display picture for my FB profile and i wanted something funky and unique, and you just provided me the right kind of image which would create and hullbulll in my friend list on how did i do that :P
    Glad that i got something like this!

  5. hello, nice tutorial, i am having a problem whit “Deselect your alternate selections with lasso tool.” how do i do this? i cant get the result of the next picture you have :-(

    thanks in advance

  6. I used this technique on my picture and my friends got crazy to know how i did it. Thanks to Slodive for a beautiful yet tricky photoshop tutorial.

  7. I love this kind of interweaving strips effect in photos and I am grateful to you for sharing such a nice tutorial. Thanks for the same!!

  8. I just loved this tutorial and its looking very beautiful on my pic. Thanks for sharing this photoshop tutorial.

  9. Hi all,
    Hope someone still reads this, no dates on posts isn’t very practical.
    As many I like this tutorial, but unless PS contains even more secrets than have met my eye….. it is not accurate. I followed the steps meticulously (PS CS6) but what comes out is not reflected in the pictures.
    Eg. “Reduce opacity by 50%”…how can it suddenly become all black again in you pictures. Step 15: unhide this…. Which layer exactly, and where was it set to hidden?
    Am I the only who actually tries these tuts before writing comments that make people like me feel completely inadequate?
    The concept is too great to let this topic dye, so I hope someone will actually make it work.
    Thanks in advance of course!

  10. WOW ! these tutorials To Create Ravishing Interweaving Photo-Strips Effect in Photoshop are amazing .great post.


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