15 Glamorous Gold Eyeshadow ideas

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Gold eyeshadow ideas can be a fantastic way to revamp your makeup routine! This shimmery shade adds a bit of depth and lots of glamour. It can also define the eyes like no other shade of eyeshadow can. Unlike some other shades, gold eyeshadow can also be worn by most women and with most eye colors, including blue, brown, and green.

There are a couple of different types of gold eyeshadow that you can try as well. Shimmery gold eyeshadows are great for more subtle looks, while glittery gold eyeshadows are perfect for those bold, in your face looks. No matter which type of gold eyeshadow you choose, you can also try out several different styles and application techniques, depending on what look you’re going for.

Many women, however, are intimidated by gold eyeshadow, since they aren’t entirely positive how to use it without the assistance of a Bridal Makeup Artist. If you’re new to this metallic eye color, take a look at some of these amazing gold eyeshadow ideas!

1. Gold Eyeliner

Lining the top lash line with a thin peek of gold is somewhat subtle but still gives you that rich and luxurious look. If you don’t have gold eyeliner, wet a small eyeliner brush and dip it into gold eyeshadow instead.

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2. Subtle  Gold Eyeshadow Look

Sultry gold eyeshadow ideas can be achieved by blending them with dark gray or black eyeshadow. This creates a mysterious subtle smoky eyeshadow design.

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3. Gold Eyeshadow Lined Eye

Gold eyeshadow ideas that surround the eye completely help you achieve an eye catching look! The shimmery lids are captivating and glamorous, not to mention super sexy.

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4. Gold Eyeshadow and Black Eyeliner

Black eyeliner seems to fit in perfectly with gold eyeshadow ideas. This winged black liner pairs perfectly with a luxe gold eyeshadow on the lids!

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5. Subltle Smoky Gold Eyeshadow

Here’s another smoky gold eyeshadow idea. This one has a more muted gold eyeshadow with a darker gray eyeshadow smuged around the eye.

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6. Winged Gold Eyeshadow

Winged gold eyeshadow ideas are glamorous and seductive. Get this movie starlet look with some winged gray eyeshadow and vibrant gold eyeshadow.

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7. White and Gold Eyeshadow

Everything about gold eyeshadow ideas and black liner seems to work well together. This particular look employs the use of white shadow at the inner corners of the eyes, making them appear larger and more alert.

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8. Gold Gold Inner Eyes

On the hunt for gold eyeshadow ideas that make your eyes look larger and more alert? Gold eyeshadow lining the inner corners of the eye can achieve this effect and look quite glamorous at the same time!

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9. Bold Gold Eyeshadow

If you’re not into the subtle gold eyeshadow ideas? Define your lash line with a black liner and go bold with a pop of gold eyeshadow!

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10. Glitter Gold Eyeshadow

Glitter is the perfect party look. A swipe of gold glitter on the eyelids give you the sparkly look you crave, and the underlying smoky eye gives you the much needed sophistication to balance the glitter.

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11. Winged Black and Gold Glitter Eyeshadow

Winged eyeshadow works quite well with gold eyeshadow ideas. Add some gold glitter to your eyelids in conjunction with some winged eyeshadow for the perfect party look!

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12. Gold Highlight Eyeshadow

You can use gold eyeshadow ideas to highlight your normal look as well. Just smudge a swipe of gold eyeshadow in the center of your eyelid for a nice pop of glamour.

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13. Gold and Purple Eyeshadow

If you need a pop of color, gold eyeshadow also pairs well with lots of different colors. Purple and gold eyeshadow ideas can look utterly regal, for instance!

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14. Gold and Blue Eyeshadow

A beautiful navy blue shadow creates amazing depth, and the gold eyeshadow gives this look some beautiful shimmer!

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15. Gold Egyptian Eyeshadow Design

Finally, if you’re using gold eyeshadow, you may be tempted to go big or go home from time to time. In that case, play it up with a shocking and bold Egyptian inspired eyeshadow design!

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Whether you’re going for a casual daytime look or a bold party look, there are gold eyeshadow ideas to fit your needs. There’s no need to be afraid of metallic eye cosmetics like gold eyeshadow! It’s true that some application techniques may take a little practice, but the end result is usually so worth it!

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