9 Tattoo Ideas for Metalheads

Smiley Face on the Knee

Heavy metal is one of the least understood subcultures in the entire world. Most people think that metalheads are dimwits and derelicts who have nothing better to do than bang their heads and kill their brain cells. Because of this negative connotation, many metalheads embrace these values and try to scare off and intimidate people who don’t fully appreciate the culture or their tattoo ideas.

Deep down though, most metalheads are simply nerds who enjoy technical music played at high volume. A lot of metalheads also have full-sleeve arm tattoos that they hide under their shirts when they go into their jobs working in tech support, accounting and biochemistry. If you want to fully embrace the culture of heavy metal, here are some excellent tattoo ideas to get you started.

Metallica Logo Tattoo Design

Every metalhead knows that the only good Metallica albums were their first four. Enshrine these legendary albums on your body by getting the classic Metallica logo tattoo across the back of your neck.

Avenged Sevenfold Bat-skull Tattoo

Avenged Sevenfold is a new band on the heavy metal scene, but they rock just as hard as old-school acts. They have a very cool logo of a skull with bat wings that can turn into some really awesome tattoo ideas anywhere on your body.

avenged sevenfold tattoo ideas
Avenged Sevenfold Bat-skull Tattoo


Eddie the Head from Iron Maiden

Most people consider the Iron Maiden mascot an actual member of the band. You will be hard pressed to find a metalhead who doesn’t have some depiction of this legendary skeleton on their body or tattoo ideas for one.
Eddie the Head from Iron Maiden

Slayer Font Tattoo

Slayer is the most hardcore of all of the thrash metal bands and the font they use is iconic. This tattoo font is perfect for any tattoo quotes you want to get of your favorite metal songs.

Metal Wing Shoulder Blades

This tattoo design is not necessarily of any particular band, but it makes a great addition to any heavy metal tattoo collection and is the perfect tattoo for women who wear halter tops that expose their back.

Slash Silhouette Tattoo Design

Slash is one of the most legendary guitarists of all time and every metalhead respects the musical output he has given to the genre. Get his silhouette tattooed on your forearm so people know your appreciation for his bluesy guitar licks.

Judas Priest: British Steel Tattoo Design

Judas Priest was one of the most controversial bands of the 1980’s, but now their music seems tame compared to more extreme acts on the metal scene. A tattoo of their classic “British Steel“ album cover will show to people that you have old-school roots.

Smiley Face on the Knee

These tattoo ideas may not seem very metal, but Ozzy Osbourne sports two silly smiley faces on both of his kneecaps. No one will doubt your commitment to the genre if you are emulating the Prince of Darkness.
Smiley Face on the Knee
Smiley Face on the Knee


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