4 Different Types of Cross Tattoos You Will Love

realistic cross

Do you want to get cross tattoos because your faith is very important to you and you know that will never change? One of the challenges with picking a tattoo is that it has to be something that is still going to be relevant and important to you in the future. Religion is one of those things that people often turn to because it is so much more than a fad or a stage, so they know they will still like their tattoo in five, 10 or 20 years.

cross tattoo
Cross Tattoo

If you are doing this, it is still important to look for the exact design that you want. There are many different styles that you can pick from, and all of them have their own sort of artistic voice. This needs to connect with you and the things that you care about. It has to fit your personal sense of style. There are four main types that you may like, all of which you should consider before getting your new tattoo.

realistic cross

Personal Style Cross

4 Different Types of Cross Tattoos You Will Love

1. Realistic cross tattoo designs. You need to find a good tattoo artist to make a realistic design, but when you do, it might end up being one of the best cross tattoos you have ever seen. You should be able to see the nails holding the cross together and the grain of the wood. The end goal should be a tattoo that looks as much like a photograph as possible. It never runs the risk of looking cartoonish or cheesy.

realistic cross
Realistic Cross

2. Celtic cross tattoos. Next, you may want to think about Celtic crosses. They are slightly different in that they have a halo over the top of the cross. This sets them apart and gives them a classic appearance that you may recognize from graves in Europe. If you like history and religion, these are a good option for you. These cross tattoos are going to tie nicely into both things, with an elegant style.

3. Upside-down cross tattoo designs. Many people think that an upside-down cross is meant to be offensive, but this is not the case at all. In fact, some people consider it to be more sacred than a traditional cross. The Pope even has one carved into the top of his throne. An upside down cross is a reference to St. Peter, who wanted to be crucified upside-down so as not to be equal to Jesus.

4. Cross tattoos made from religious quotes. One unique idea is to use tattoo quotes and have the artist arrange the words in the shape of a cross. Rather than using normal tattoo quotes, you could pick out your favorite verses from the Bible.



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