14 Ooey Gooey Dripping Nail Art Ideas

Dripping Nail art 14

Dripping nail art is a fun nail art design that looks like paint is dripping down the nail. Although it looks complicated and time consuming, dripping nail art is actually much simpler than it looks!

Most dripping nail art designs are created one of two ways. One method of creating dripping nail art involves using a nail art brush to paint on the dripping designs. This method requires a slightly steadier hand than the other method—using a dotting tool. If you don’t have a dotting tool, you can improvise a bit and use what you have, such as a toothpick or bobby pin.

Looking for inspiration to try it yourself? Here are lots of great dripping nail art ideas to try!

1. Neon on Black Dripping Nail Art

The black base coat in this dripping nail art makes the neon colors pop!

dripping nail art 1Youtube

2. Black on Neon Dripping Nail Art

This dripping nail art still uses neon colors and black nail polish, but they’re reversed. Instead of a black base coat and neon drips, each nail has a neon color for the base color and black is used for the drips. I also love the use of the white polish to create a 3D effect!

dripping nail art 2Instagram

3. Sparkly Black Over Neon Dripping Nail Art

This next dripping nail art idea is still in the neon and black scheme, but it’s slightly different than the two examples above. The neon colors are painted onto the nails in stripes, and the black sparkly polish is used to create drips coming from the nail beds rather than the tips.

Dripping Nail art 3Deviant Art

4. Strawberry Ice Cream and Chocolate Dripping Nails

Anyone in the mood for a yummy treat? This dripping nail art looks a little like strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce. Yum!

dripping nail art 4Deviant Art

5. Strawberry Cupcake With Sprinkles Nail Art

Would you prefer some cupcakes? How about sprinkles?

Dripping Nail art 5Instructables

6. Dripping Blood Nail Art

If you’r  e looking for a creepy Halloween nail art idea, take a look at his dripping blood nail art idea. The red nail polish gives the effect of blood dripping down the nails.

Dripping Nail art 6Youtube

7. Rainbow Dripping Nail Art

I love the rainbow colors in this next dripping nail art idea! The splatter detail on the ring finger also adds a fun touch.

dripping nail art 7Youtube

8. Cartoonish Dripping Nail Art

The pastel colors in thid dripping nail art example are outlined in black, giving them a cartoonish effect.

Dripping nail art 8Pinterest

9. Colorful Dripping Nail Art on Natural Nails

Dripping nail art on natural nails can look great too!

Dripping Nail art 9Doll Doll Boutique

10. Nude Nails With Lilac Dripping Nail Art

Lilac drips over nude nails add a feminine yet funky touch!

Dripping Nail Art 10Swagger New York

11. Stripes With Dripping Nail Art

Bold black and white stripes in this dripping nail art design add a classic and funky look. The white reflections also give the ink polish a 3D appearance.

Dripping Nail Art 11Youtube

12. Dripping Nail Art With Dots

Adding some fun polka dots can really jazz up a dripping nail art design! This would also look cute if the color of the polka dots didn’t match the color of the drips.

Dripping nail art 12Deviant Art

13. Dripping Nail Art Over Gradient

This blue and white gradient nail design looks even more chic with the addition of dark blue drips!

Dripping Nail art 13Nails by Bayles

14. American Flag Dripping Nail Art

The Fourth of July is coming up, and this would be a fun and patriotic way to dress up your nails!

Dripping Nail art 14Pinterest

Hopefully these dripping nail art ideas have given you a little inspiration! There are so many different combinations and possibilities with drippy nail art too, so don’t feel like you have to replicate these designs exactly. Get creative and put your own spin on it!

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