14 Adorable Hair Bow Hairstyles for Long Hair


Hair bow hairstyles were made popular by Lady Gaga a few years back. Instead of a traditional fabric hair bow, hair bow hairstyles utilize a person’s own long hair to create ta bow shape. Although they aren’t your typical everyday hairstyles, they’re a nice unique and fun addition to your hairstyle rotation. These hairstyles are super cute and feminine, and can be used for formal styles or casual styles.

Generally, because of the amount of hair needed to make the bows, hair bow hairstyles are best for ladies with long hair. Women with medium length hair, though, can also try hair bow hairstyles, but the bows won’t be as big. Hair extensions can also be used to create a hair bow hairstyle. Hair bow styles look smoothest on straight, sleek hair, but they can also look smashing in wavy and curly hair.

It may look complicated, but a hair bow hairstyle may be so much easier than you think to create. There are a couple of different ways to create a hair bow with actual hair. The most common way is by creating two loops of hair next to each other and covering the middle with a small section of hair.

1. Top Bow With Sideswept Bangs

Sideswept bangs look phenomenal with a cute bow hairstyle!

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

2. Hair Bow With Blunt Bangs

Actually, a hair bow can add a beautiful touch to any hairstyle with bangs, including these blunt bangs.

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

3. Half Updo Bow Hairstyle

Carefully craftes hair bows add a fun detail to half updo hairstyles.

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

4. Half Updo Bow Hairstyle In Curly Hair

This half updo bow hairstyle looks super cute with curly hair.

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

5. Half Updo Bow Hairstyle With Curly Tails

The hair is curled with a curling iron before styling this bow hairstyle. The result is curly cascading tails, which look like pretty ribbons.

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

6. Simply Tied Bow Hairstyle

Here’s another way to do a simple bow hairstyle. This is created by iterally tying the hair into a bow and securing it with hair pins.

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

7. Ponytail Hair Bow

A hair bow takes a normal side ponytail from boring to fabulous!

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

8. Hair Bow Bun

Give a bun a little lift with a cute hair bow detail.

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

9. Upside Down French Braid Hair Bow Hairstyle

An upside down French braid is absolutely gorgeous topped off with a hair bow!

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

10. Double Braid and Hair Bow Hairstyle

This double braid and hair bow hairstyle is twice as pretty!

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

11. Side Hair Bow Hairstyle

A hair bow on the side of the head adds a sweet and feminine touch.

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

12. Side Hair Bow With Curls

A curly side ponytail is dressed up with a small hair bow, making a more formal style.

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

13. Messy Hair Bow Hairstyle

For a more casual look, give this slightly messy hair bow hairstyle a try.

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

14. Small Messy Hair Bow

A small messy hair bow hairstyle is both cute and casual.

hair bow hairstyleImage Source

Are you ready to try out some of these super cute hair bow hairstyles? They’re definitely easier than they look, and they’re sure to get you some compliments!

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