12 Stunning Back Corset Tattoo Designs

back corset tattoo designs 9 red

Back corset tattoo designs mimic the look of real corsets. Few tattoos have the same impact as back corset tattoos! They’re edgy, sexy, and beautiful.

Corset tattoos usually include two rows of eyelets running down each side of the back on either side of the spine with ribbon laced through the eyelets. They can be as simple or complex as you want. Some back corset tattoo designs even include the side fabric of the corsets or other details, like lace. They can be large, running from the neck to the lower back, or small with just a corset design on the lower or upper back.

Choosing the right tattoo can be the hardest part. To give you a little inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the prettiest back corset tattoo designs out there!

1. Full Back Corset Tattoo

If you’re looking for full back corset tattoo designs, here’s one option for you. This corset tattoo design wraps around the sides of the back and ribs, and it looks like a real full corset.

back corset tattoo designs 1 full backTattooDesigns24.com

2. Back Corset Tattoo With Large Bow

This back corset tattoo design has a large feminine bow at the bottom. This sweet bow helps soften the illusion of the  of the ribbon pulling the skin together.

back corset tattoo designs 2 large bowVamp Body Art

3. Purple Lower Back Corset Tattoo

Lower back corset tattoo designs are very sexy and a nice alternative to other types of lower back tattoos. This purple lower back tattoo isn’t large enough to cover the entire back, but it still makes a statement.

back corset tattoo designs 3 lower purpleYourTattoos.org

4. Small Back Corset Tattoo Design

Looking for even smaller lower back tattoo designs? This cute little corset tattoo is small and cute, and perfect for the lower back!

back corset tattoo designs 4 smallTattoos Hunt

5. Lacy Corset Back Tattoo

The detail in this lacy corset back tattoo is astounding! It also incorporates some beautiful roses at the bottom of the corset.

back corset tattoo designs 5 laceTattoos Hunt

6. Realistic Back Corset Tattoo

If you’re looking for a more realistic back corset tattoo, this is a nice option. It looks like a corset top with realistic ribbon lacing u the back. The artistic flowers at the sides and bottom of the tattoo give it a little something extra.


back corset tattoo designs 6 realisticTattoos Hunt

7. Straight Corset Tattoo on the Back  

This next example is a little different from typical back corset tattoo designs. Instead of feminine curves, the corset eyelets run straight up and down the back on either side of the spine.

back corset tattoo designs 7 straightTattoos Hunt

8. Wings and Corset Tattoo Design

Can’t decide between wing tattoo designs or back corset tattoo designs? Combine them with a design like this, which includes detailed wings and a small corset.

back corset tattoo designs 8 wingsTattooBite.com

9. Red Corset Tattoo

Two bows make this pretty back corset tattoo super feminine. It resembles a corset piercing, with the rings tattoos on either side of the spine.

back corset tattoo designs 9 redTattoos Hunt

10. Purple Back Corset Tattoo

The pretty purple ribbon in this corset tattoo actually starts as ripped skin at the top of the back.  The laced design and bow at the bottom still make this a pretty feminine corset tattoo, though.

back corset tattoo 10 purpleCheckOutMyInk.com

11. Blue Corset Tattoo

This blue corset tattoo design is a little gruesome with the skin being used as eyelets, but it’s still a beauty!

back corset tattoo 11 blue3D Tattoos

12. Corset Tattoo Showing Spine

Finally, this corset tattoo design is a little more gruesome yet. The corset ribbon is tattooed so it looks like it’s weaving in front of an behind the spine.

back corset tattoo 12 spine3D Tattoos

Hopefully you’ve gotten some nice inspiration from these back corset tattoo designs. If you didn’t quite find what you were looking for, though, remember that corset tattoo designs are highly personal, ke other tattoo design ideas. A good tattoo artist can help you come up with a more fitting custom design based on your wants.

If you’re intrigued by these back corset design ideas, we’ve got lots of great other posts for you to check out too! Don’t miss these crazy sexy corset piercings, magnificent upper back tattoos, and beautiful back tattoos for women!


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