14 Beautiful Blue Hair Streaks for Women

blue hair streaks 14

Tired of you boring hair? Need a litle brightening up? Some blue hair streaks could be just the thing!

Nearly anyone an liven up their look with some blue hair streaks. This color works well in nearly all hair colors, including blonde, brown, and black. The right blue hue can even look amazing in red hair as well.

There are also lots of different colors of blue to choose from, from dark blue to light blue and everything in between! For going for an edgier look, bright electric blue hair streaks are perfect. Ladies looking for a subtler look might want to stick with lighter shades of blue. And, if you’re looking for something truly unique, funky shades of teal and soft shades of turquoise might just be the answer.

If you’re considering blue streaks in your hair, take a look at these awesome ‘dos for a little inspiration!

1. Blue Streaks in Blonde Bangs

A blonde angled bob is pretty edgy as it is, but adding some bright blue streaks can really make this a hot look!

blue hair streaksImage Source

2. Blue Hair Streak Underneath

A subtle way to pull off blue hair streaks is to dye a stripe under the rest of the hair that can only be seen when the hair is pulled up.

blue hair streaksImage Source

3. Streaks of Blue in Dark Hair

Selena Gomez really rocks these awesome purple and blue hair streaks in her very dark hair!

blue hair streaksImage Source

4. Punk Rock Blue Hair Streaks

Choppy blue streaks in an edgy haircut combine to create a sexy edgy look!

blue hair streaksImage Source

5. Blue Streaks in Brown Hair

Blue hair streaks can look pretty stunning in brown hair as well, and gives this young lady a sweet and sassy look!

blue hair streaksImage Source

6. Light Blue Streak in Hair

Not all blue streaks in hair have to be big, bright, and bold. This light blue hair streak still looks sensational in dark blonde hair!

blue hair streaksImage Source

7. Pink and Blue Streaks in Hair

Mix things up a bit, not just with blue hair streaks, but also some pink hair streaks as well!

blue hair streaksImage Source

8. Subtle Teal Streaks in Short Hair

Some subtle teal blue streaks add some funky and fun color to this short bob hairstyle.

blue hair streaksImage Source

9. Bright Teal Hair Streaks in Front

Of course, bold and bright teal blue streaks right in the front of the hair can look downright smashing too!

blue hair streaksImage Source

10. Curly Blue Hair Streak

Bright streaks of blue look gorgeous in tightly curled black hair!

blue hair streaksImage Source

11. Spikey Purple and Blue Streaks

A beautiful short and spiky haircut gets a nice pop of color from purple and blue streaks in the front!

blue hair streaksImage Source

12. Bright Blue Streaks in Black Hair

Black hair is perfect for bright blue hair streaks!

blue hair streaksImage Source

13. Pastel Blue Streaks in Blonde Hair

Some light pastel pink and blue streaks make a gorgeous and subtle addition to super light blonde hair.

blue hair streaksImage Source

14. Turquoise Blue Streaks in Dark Hair

Break away from the typical color of blue hair streaks with some tantalizing turquoise blue streaks in your hair!

blue hair streaks 14Image Source

Keep in mind that if you want permanent blue hair streaks, you may need to bleach your hair before applying the blue dye, if your hair is dark. Bleaching brown and black hair to blonde ensures that you’ll get vibrant streaks of blue rather than subtle streaks of blue in your hair. In fact, blue hair dye may not even show up in very dark hair.



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