12 Modern Gray Hairstyles That are Anything But “Old”


Dying gray hair has become something of a norm in our society these days. Many people, especially women, see gray hair as a sign aging and fear that it makes them look old. Some brave souls, however, choose to keep their gray locks natural. And, gray hairstyles can look pretty awesome too!

Modern cuts look pretty fabulous for gray hair. These include long gray haircuts  as well as short gray hairstyles and everything in between. Many women choose short haircuts for gray hair, because these styles are easier to take care of. Don’t shy away from long haircuts for gray hair if you prefer longer locks, though!

Take a look at some of these awesome gray hairstyles that are anything but old!

1. Layered Gray Hair

This layered hair style looks pretty smashing on this gray haired woman!

gray hairstylesImage Source

2. Long Straight Gray Hairstyle

A lot of people think that gray hair means short hair, but long gray hairstyles can look pretty amazing too!

gray hairstylesImage Source

3. Long Curly Gray Hairstyle

Let your curls in your gray locks flow free with this gorgeous gray hairstyle!

gray hairstylesImage Source

4. Shoulder Length Gray Hair

Of long or short gray haircuts aren’t working for you, don’t forget about medium gray hairstyles, like this straight shoulder length style.

gray hairstylesImage Source

5. Shoulder Length Curly Gray Hair

Curly gray hairstyles can be any length, and this shoulder length curly style is incredibly beautiful.

gray hairstylesImage Source

6. Shorty Curly Gray Hairstyle

Here’s a short hairstyle option for gray haired ladies with curly hair that doesn’t look too dated or old fashioned.

gray hairstylesImage Source

7. Long Thick Gray Hair

Thick gray hair can look pretty stunning when cut into a long layered style!

gray hairstylesImage Source

8. Short Gray Hair

If you’re looking for edgy gray hairstyles, short spiky gray hairstyles might be just the thing.

gray hairstylesImage Source

9. Short Spiky Gray Hairstyle

Here’s another great short spiky hairstyle to try!

gray hairstylesImage Source

10. Gray Bob Hairstyle

Shoulder length bobs make beautiful and easy to care for gray hairstyles!

gray hairstylesImage Source

11. Gray Hair With Bangs

This gray hairstyle frames the face quite nicely with layers and bangs.

gray hairstylesImage Source

12. Textured Gray Hairstyle

Lots of texture gives this beautiful gray hairstyle a little edge and a lot of bounce!

gray hairstylesImage Source

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