11 Patriotic USA Hairstyles

Ryan Bedford

Whether you are proud of the country you live in or just enjoy the colors, patriotic hairstyles (such as the ones below) are certainly a great, creative way to sport red, white, and blue. In addition to providing you with a great fourth of July hair-do, these colorful hairstyles are also very fun and easy to create. In fact, all that is needed is some hair spray!

So, if you are proud of the country you live in, and want to check out some of America’s best, most patriotic hairstyles, then you have certainly come to the right place. Below are 11 images that prove just how creative some American’s can be, even with just three different colors to work with.

1. Some Very Patriotic Right, White, and Blue Extensions

As opposed to going all out and coloring all of your hair, you can always just get some patriotic extensions!

Extensions are a great choice, especially if you are nervous of what your entire head of hair may look done in red, white, and blue.

Some Very Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Extensions

2. Some Red, White, and Blue Under Hair

Another great choice for those weary of a full-blown USA scalp. Since the majority of this can be covered, it is easy to hide (if needed), and since only a portion of hair is dyed, it can be quickly fixed if you are just dying it for a special occasion (fourth of July, holiday party, etc.).

Some Red, White, and Blue Under Hair

3. A Fully Colored Red, White, and Blue Head Of Hair

Your boss may not like it as much as you do, however, it does look unique and will certainly help show some patriotism!

A Fully Colored Red, White, and Blue Head Of Hair

4. Ryan Bedford’s USA Flag Inspired Hairstyle

Worn during the 2010 winter olympics by professional speed skater Ryan Bedford, this hairstyle is perhaps the most patriotic on the entire list.

Ryan Bedford’s USA Flag Inspired Hairstyle

5. A Nice USA Punk Rock Hairsyle For Blondes

Though (due to her lightly colored natural hair) you can barely see the white, this style looks great and actually blends in really well. In fact, most people could probably get away with this style year round!

A Nice USA Punk Rock Hairstyle For Blondes

6. A Red, White, and Blue Wig With Straightened Hair

Though it is shown here in wig form, this style can be easily imitated. In fact, all you need is some hair dye and a straightening iron.

A Red, White, and Blue Wig With Straightened Hair

7. A Red, White, and Blue Mohawk For Men

This patriotic hair-do allows even the young ones to show their USA spirit! And fortunately, since the style is done with temporary spray, the colors can be quickly washed out.

A Red, White, and Blue Mohawk For Men

8. An Extremely Intricate Patriotic Weave

Unlike most of the others listed, this look will require some serious time, and the skills of a professional stylist. Moreover, it can only be done on those with enough hair for a full head of braids.

An Extremely Intricate Patriotic Weave

9. Some Short USA Hair, Next To A Spiked Liberty Mohawk

Some very neat styles, fun to do with your friends and/or siblings. If you’re going out together on the fourth, why not have some matching do’s?

Some Short USA Hair, Next To A Spiked Liberty Mohawk

10. A USA Flag Style Mohawk

If you want to pull of this look, you better start growing your hair out, and you better find a talented stylist.

Though this design may not seem too difficult to pull off, evenly spaced stars and perfectly accurate lines tend to frustrate novice stylists.

A USA Flag Style Mohawk

11. Red, White, and Blue Haired Models

Thats right, even some runway models have taken part in this great American tradition, often using colored highlights to show their patriotism.

Red, White, and Blue Haired Models


The images above are not only neat to look at, but they prove just how united the country is, and how creative it’s people can be. These styles are certainly not for everybody and some people just like to “look” at them, but if you are one of those who are interested enough in the styles to wear them, then go and grab hair spray!

Surprisingly enough, some of the styles listed above are not only for the fourth of July. In fact, many of these hair-do’s are worn by individuals on a daily basis, and done with permanent hair spray. Though these permanent do’s are not suggested (or normal for that matter), they still look great when done correctly, and give many everyday individuals a unique look.


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