12 Neat Carmelo Anthony Tattoos

When The Grass Is Cut The Snakes Will Show

Carmelo Anthony’s rise to fame came at a young age, and though he was quickly out-shined by his then rival LeBron James, he is still, to this day, one of the more popular NBA players. Though the now New York Knicks small forward is mostly loved for his skills and talents, people also enjoy his tattoos. Not only are they incredibly detailed, but there are also a lot of them. In order to display these highly detailed tattoos, and show off some of Carmelo’s best designs, we have created the list below.

1. A Flaming Basketball

Very fitting, especially considering how fast he can pass the ball back and forth!

Flaming Basketball

2. When The Grass Is Cut The Snakes Will Show

Somewhat of a metaphoric quote, found on Carmelo’s inner left bicep.

When The Grass Is Cut The Snakes Will Show

3. Some Playing Cards, On His Left Shoulder

Definitely not basketball related, but still very neat.

Some Playing Cards, On His Left Shoulder

4. Who Can I Trust

Another interesting quote, this one found on Carmelo’s inner right bicep.

Who Can I Trust

5. WB

Found right under Carmelo’s collar bone, people wonder if this one stands for Warner Brothers, or West Baltimore, where the basketball star was born and raised.


6. Happy and Sad Faces On His Right Arm

As you can see here, some of Carmelo’s tattoos came at a very young age.

Happy and Sad Faces On His Right Arm

7. Puerto Rican Flag

Carmelo’s hand tattoo may be hard to see from a distance, but thanks to this zoomed in image, we can now tell that it is a Puerto Rican flag.

Puerto Rican Flag

8. Flames, On His Left Forearm

Starting at the base of his wrist and extending all the way up to his upper forearm, Carmelo’s flames look great and are certainly very well done.

Flames, On His Left Forearm

9. Tribal

Found on his other wrist below some other imagery, is a neat tribal design.


10. No Struggle No Progress

This collar bone tattoo certainly proves that Carmelo worked hard to get to the NBA!

No Struggle No Progress

11. Sword, With A Banner Around It

It’s hard to tell exactly what the banner says, however, it certainly looks nice on his right forearm.

Sword, With A Banner Wrapped Around It

12. Spider Web

Though spider web elbow tattoos may be rather cliche, they still make for a great arm sleeve filler (which seems to be what Carmelo is using it for).

Spider Web


Though he may not be the NBA’s hottest player right now, Carmelo Anthony still has some great tattoos, and whether the designs are basketball related or not, they certainly look good. Not only are Carmelo’s designs creative and unique, but they can also be used to spark ideas in those looking to get tattooed themselves. So, whether you are a personal fan of Carmelo’s or not, this list should certainly have been helpful.

In addition to the tattoos shown here, there are many more that can be found on Carmelo. And though they may be hard to see while he is on the court, judging by his other work, they probably look great.


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