Charming Angel Tattoo Designs


Sweet Angel Tattoos For Women

The word “angels“ has originated from the Greek word “angellos“ which means a messenger. We as human beings consider angels to be the messengers of God. Angel tattoos have become a very common theme for body art. This is due to the complexity and beauty of the tattoo design. These tattoos can represent many things for many people as angels have many roles in the Hebrew and Christian mythology.

The most common type of angel tattoos is the Christian angels which relate to the ancient Semitic traditions from the Middle East. But lately the tattoo designs are based on later winged angels which become common in the Middle ages. Angel tattoos for women are many and have varied designs. There are many tattoos of angels that depict a broken and falling angel with a sad posture and withering wings. There are other tattoo designs that show a cherub praying for mankind. Some other angel tattoos for women flash a guardian angel ready to strike back with all his/her power. Mainly all the angel tattoos for women have very pretty angelic faces that are filled with poise.

Angel Devil Tattoo

Angel and Devil binding together in the skies.

Jap Angel Tattoo

Pink color angel wing tattoo with Chinese symbol.

Full Back Angel Tattoo

Back covered by the guarding angel tattoo along with hearts on the lower end.

My Spirit Angel Tattoo

A broken angel tattoo showing the sad phases.

Best Guardian Angel Tattoos for Men

Why do people get Angel Tattoos? The answer to this question rests in the understanding that there are many who believe in angels. Many have reportedly felt the presence of an invisible guardian angel surrounding him or her. Many have recognized the angelic being within the soul and have become the angelic being themselves. To imagine oneself as the angel, eternally bound to duties of divine forces is perhaps the guiding feeling that leads one to get an angel tattoo done.

Angel tattoos are almost always depicted by a pair of wings, outspread or folded.
The tattoo often shows the angel in flight, and sometimes it shows the angel in rest. The tattoos also represent the eternal conflict between good and evil within one’s soul. As one gains a firm belief that he or she is a divine being, an angel, fulfilling the tasks of the cosmos on this earth plane, having the angel tattoo seems the only natural decision. The references to angels are not only found in Christianity, but also in other religions like Islam and Judaism . Besides, angel tattoos also represent the eternal desire of mankind to take a flight on outspread wings. The desire for freedom is also expressed through these tattoos. It is interesting to note that being a divine being does not necessarily mean being a messenger of God. For example, the Bible cited the evil spirit, Lucifer as a fallen angel. So, in this great conflict of angelic ideas, it depends on you which thought you choose to be. This collection of tattoos shows the different ways in which tattoo artists have creatively expressed their idea of angel energy.

My Praying Angel

A cute little praying angel complete with a halo and a heart on one side sits along the woman’s neck in this small tattoo design.

Angel Symbol

The mysterious conch shell style motifs sit in a circular pattern along the shoulder-blade while angel wings spread out on both sides of the shoulder.

Primitive Angel Tattoo

The angel with a short sword is out to take revenge. The angel is about to fulfill his mission of defeating the forces of evil in a holy crusade.

The New Dawn

The tattoo here shows the angel emerging victorious after a long fight. The sun of dawn behind the angel shows that the fight at last ends with the victory of the forces of God over monsters within our soul.


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