Best Water Tattoos Design


Powerful Water Tattoos

A tattoo is a great tool to have in your fashion arsenal. It reflects your attitude and taste. The variety of tattoos that are available in the market is increasing every day, with new creations based on dynamic themes and designs being created. Water tattoos present an excellent choice for those who want to flaunt trendiness with a subtle tattoo. Cool and natural, these tattoos revamp the attitude of modern-day youngsters.

If you go by the meaning, there could be a lot of reasons why water tattoo designs were conceived and a lot as to what they represent. When it comes to life, humans do realize that no life form is possible without this magic fluid. Our bodies contain water in a significant proportion. Water based patterns can represent the love of nature or the consciousness that without water, there’s nothing. Also, they could symbolize the beauty and vividness of the rich variety of life that water systems support. A water tattoo generally contains deep-sea creature designs, as these beautiful powerful creatures are exotic and inspire awe. Water also symbolizes purity and calmness due to its soothing and cooling effect. The force of waves is unchallenged when it’s in a mighty furor. This tough and soothing nature of water presents a beautiful contrast, and thus a water tattoo also represents a docile character that could demonstrate the power when pushed to the brink.

Girl Wave

The small splashes inside the huge waves revamp the appeal of this nice blue water tattoo.

Tattoo Sleeve

The bright lips and the impeccably beauty of this lady fits in perfectly with her richly natural water tattoo making her look like a mermaid.

Shelly Tattoo

The amazing thing about water life is that the diversity is virtually infinite, and for tattoos that are big in content, the back is the perfect spot.


Incredible Aquarius Tattoos

The zodiac sign Aquarius symbolizes the Water Bearer. People under this sign are good mix of emotions, love, intelligence and warmth. They are great thinkers, hard-working and have leadership qualities. Tattoos of one‘s zodiac sign is a very popular trend among the youth.

The use of different shades of blue and green colors makes this a classic collection. There is a tattoo for each Aquarian from small designs to bigger ones. The wide range of simple to intricate tattoos makes this a great set worth copying.

Those who come under the zodiac sign Aquarius are very honest and practical people. They are very emotional, loving and intelligent. This is a set of Aquarius tattoos in pleasing designs. The Aquarius sign symbolizes the Water Bearer so blue and green colors have been used very artistically. The tattoos look very attractive and bright but not flashy. Tattoo art has come out in its best form in this collection. There is a tattoo for everyone, from small to large, and from simple to intricate. These tattoos have a cool and pleasant just like the Aquarian themselves.

Not Taking Chances

When it‘s your first tattoo, a simple design is the best. This Aquarius tattoo has simple waves in the standard black ink which looks quite nice.


Double Waves

Waves depicted in two colors and two different forms make this a lovely Aquarius tattoo. The dark blue and light blue shades make it a bright and attractive tattoo.


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