5 Wild Facts About Tribal Tattoos


When you think of tribal tattoos, you might immediately picture an aging Caucasian man in jean shorts and a tank top. After all, weren‘t those popular in the early 90‘s? Even though tribal tattoos had gone the way of the barbed wire arm band for some time, they are making a huge comeback. Newer tribal tattoo styles integrate tattoo ideas from the original artists: Polynesian tribesmen. Not only are these modern iterations more authentic, they are also more stylish and better designed than the 20-year-old versions. Tribal tattoos can be great options as tattoos for girls or tattoos for men.

Even more interesting is the fact that tribal tattoos do not just refer to the styles and designs that come directly from Polynesian natives. Tribes in Africa also tattooed their members when significant events occurred. Icons included in these tribal designs included flower tattoos and other tattoo ideas. Today, we present you with five interesting facts about tribal tattoos that you might have never known!

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos

5 Wild Facts about Tribal Tattoos

  1. African body art was once used as a talisman or ward to protect the wearer from harm. The images that you include in your tribal tattoos could reference some of these ancient practices. It can‘t possibly hurt to add a little bit of extra karmic shielding!
  2. Tribal tattoos in most cultures were not simply designed for aesthetic purposes. Instead, the entire tattooing process was intended to allow the recipient to transcend into almost a supernatural state of being. In some societies, tattooing, also known as scarification, was thought to make the wearer more than human. The tribal designs included in many modern tattoos reference this desire to appear god-like.
  3. Tribal tattoos often signify the courage and bravery of the person who wears them. This does not seem so far-fetched today, as many tattoo ideas are born of personal tragedy and victory over difficulty. The same tenets hold true today as they did during ancient times; some measure of bravery is required in order to suffer through a massive tribal tattoo piece.
  4. The first tribal tattoos in Africa were found upon mummies that were buried in about 2000 B.C., according to historians. Egyptian High Priestesses were known to adorn themselves with tattoos, particularly upon their arms. When you choose a tattoo idea or tribal tattoo design, you could be linking yourself to 4,000 years‘ worth of human history, a heady thought.
  5. It may seem difficult to tattoo darker skin, but African tribal artists had a solution that would allow their clients to receive visible marks. This process, known as cicatrisation, involved cutting open the skin and rubbing ash into the wounds. Luckily, we do not have to use this process any longer thanks to modern tattooing technology!

Every time you choose a tattoo idea that incorporates tribal designs, you are reaching into the past.

African Tribal Tattoos




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