29 Wicked Ways to Rock Blue Hair!


Not so long ago, blue hair was seen as a sign of rebellion and a punk lifestyle. These days, though, shades of blue hair, along with other bright hair colors, are becoming more and more commonplace. Dying your hair blue is more of a sign of individuality than rebellion, and it’s typically seen as very pretty.

There are so many different shades of blue hair out there today, ranging from dark blue to bright blue to pastel blue. Shades of teal and turquoise hair are also becoming very popular and trendy right now. Some people choose to dye all of their tresses a shade of blue, while others just highlight certain parts of their hair. For instance, the underneath layers of the hair can be dyed blue for a subtle pretty look, as can the tips of the hair. The same is true for blue streaks in hair and blue highlights and low lights.

If you’re considering taking the plunge and dying hair blue, here are 29 Wicked Ways to Rock Blue Hair!

1. Short and Bright Blue

Go all out with a head turning bright neon blue hair color!

blue hairSource

2. Blue Long Hair With Bangs

Blunt bangs and wavy bright blue hair with subtle perfect highlights? A perfect combination!

blue hairSource

3. Dark Blue Long Hair

A dark blue shade gives long straight hair an intense look.

blue hairSource

4. Neon Blue Hair

Want a brighter look? This neon blue haircolor should do the trick!

blue hairSource

5. Cobalt Blue Straight Hair

Cobalt blue is a rich hue that looks good on almost any hair type. It looks particularly striking on this super straight hair, though.

blue hairSource

6. Lavender Blue Hair

Purpleish undertones give a blue haircolor a slightly romantic and whimsical feel.

blue hairSource

7. Light Blue Wavy Bob

This light blue wavy haircut is especially flattering against a lighter complexion.

blue hairSource

8. Light Blue Short Hair

Go for a realy edgy look with a punky short haircut and a light bue hair color.

blue hairSource

9. Turquoise Hair With Bangs

Let’s not forget about turquoise blue for hair! It’s a modern and trendy way to pull off the bue hair look!

blue hairSource

10. Pastel Blue Long Hair

For a softer look, a pastel blue color in the hair is the way to go. This color loos especially pretty on long hair.

blue hairSource

11. Pastel Lavender Blue Waves

The purple undertones in this pastel blue hair look amazing in this wavy hair!

blue hairSource

12. Blue, Green, and Purple Braided Hair

Mix it up a little by combining blue with other complimentary colors. Green and purple are nie choices, especially when the hair is French braided!

blue hairSource

13. Blue, Pink, and Orange Short Hair

Bright funky colors like pink and orange really make this blue short hairstyle pop!

blue hairSource

14. Silver Blue and Purple Ombre Hair

Silver blue is an interesting and unique hair color. And it’s perfectly paired with a medium purple on the ends in this blue ombre hair!

blue hairSource


15. Purple and Teal Hair

Blonde hair highlighted with teal and purple would really turn some heads! In a good way, of course!

blue hairSource

16. Blue Hair With Pink Highlights

If plain old blue is too boring, add a few bright pink streaks to liven it up a bit!

blue hairSource

17. Blue and Green Hair

A pretty blue pairs with a bright lime green in this cute colored hairstyle.

blue hairSource

18. Bright to Light Ombre Bue Hair

Can’t decide which shades of blue hair you want? Choose a few hues and try an ombre blue hairstyle.

blue hairSource

19. Blue Streaked Straight Hair

Bright turquoise blue streaks really stand out in platinum blonde and black hair!

blue hairSource

20. Teal Blue Ends in Bonde Hair

Add a little color to blonde hair with teal blue ends.

blue hairSource

21. Light Blue Ends in Short Hair

Powder blue highlights at the ends of this short blonde hairstyle are sweet and trendy.

blue hairSource

22. Pastel Blue Ends in Wavy Hair

Pastel blue highlights in the ends of the hair are wicked chic!

blue hairSource

23. Blonde and Blue Ombre Hair

Transform your light blonde hair into an amazing hairstyle with a astel to icey blue ombre look.

blue hairSource

24. Blue Highllights in Bangs

Frame your face with bright blue highights.

blue hairSource

25. Dark Blue Highlights in Black Hair

Dark blue is subtle and sexy in black hair.

blue hairSource

26. Black Hair With Blue Ends

Long dark wavy hair gets an amazing transformation with a medium blue dip dye!

blue hairSource

27. Teal Streaks in Brown Hair

A pop of teal makes this brown bob colorful and fun again!

blue hairSource

28. Turquoise Highlights Under Brunette Hair

Light turquoise blue highlights add a huge pop of color under dark brunette hair.

blue hairSource

29. Medium Blue Streaks Under Blonde Hair

Blonde hair girls can rock some medium blue streaks underneath.

blue hairSource

As you can see, blue hair dye can look amazing in almost any hair—blonde, brown, black, wavy or straight. However, blue dye will be more intense and pigment certain colors of hair better than others. The lighter the hair, the more intense the blue color will be. Blue dye may not even show up at all in dark brown or black hair. Dark hair may have to be bleached before being dyed blue.

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