14 Sweet and Spunky Ways to Do Purple Hair

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Purple hair? Oh yeah! It’s feminine yet edgy and oh so chic!

Dying our hair purple is a funky way to show people that simple blonde, red, or brunette hair just won’t do for you. Purple hair is a fun hair trend right now, but it’s not so mainstream that everyone’s doing it! Choosing a purple hairstyle is a sure way to stand out and march to the beat of your own drummer. It sends the message that you’re an independent, go against the grain type of girl, and it’s a sure way to turn heads and show off your style!

Thinking about dying your hair purple? It’s best to start with the lightest hair possible. If you already have blond hair, this shouldn’t be a problem. Brunettes and red heads, however, will most likely need to bleach the sections of hair they’ll be dying.

By far the hardest part of dying hair purple, though, is choosing the perfect shade—or shades—of purple! There are just so many shades of purple to choose from, it can make your head spin!

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest and prettiest purple hair ideas out there!

1. Brown Hair With Purple Ends

Here’s a nice example of brown hair with purple ends. The purple is concentrated on the ends of the hair, and the rest of the hair is left a natural medium brown shade.

Purple Hair 1Hbk Studio

2. Purple Hair With Blond Ends

This is more of a reverse ombre purple hair. The roots and top of the hair are dyed a pretty purple color and the ends are a much lighter color. Maybe blond or light pink?

purple hair 2Buzznet

3. Purple Hair With Red Streaks

Here’s an awesome edgy style! The hair is dyed a bright purple color, and the ends are a bright red. I love the hairstyle too, especially the long side swept bangs!

Purple hair 3Pinterest

4. Blue and Purple Emo Hair

This purple hairstyle is totally cute, and so emo! The blue and purple hair colors work so well together!

Purple hair 4Pinterest

5. Dark Purple Hair With Lighter Ends

Fierce and sexy—that’s the only way to describe this purple hairstyle! I love the way that royal purple at the top of the hair gradually lightens to a violet shade on the ends.

purple hair 5Hair Dye Tips

6. Reddish Purple Curly Hair

This woman is absolutely gorgeous, and her reddish purple curly hair is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a much more subtle way to sport purple hair, but it’s perfect!

Purple hair 6Youtube


7. Short Purple Bob

This short purple bob is so punk rock! The cut and style make it even edgier!

Purple Hair 7Bestcurlyhairstyles.info

8. Pastel Purple Hair in a Braided Updo

The pastel purple hair is made even prettier by the casual and cute braided updo. Topped off with a pastel purple eyeshadow, this entire style is a major win!

purple hair 9Mother Mag

9. Black Hair With Purple Highlights

For those of you looking for a more subtle purple hairstyle, try black hair with purple highlights. Dark purple highlights in the black hair aren’t immediately apparent, but when you look closer, it screams funky and fun!

purple hair 10Flickr

10. Blonde Hair With Pink and Purple Ends

Blond hair with pink and purple ends is, without a doubt, just sensational!

purple hair 11Instagram

11. Purple Streaks in Brown Hair

Here’ another subtle way to do purple hair. Natural brown hair is highlighted with spunky bright purple streaks!

purple hair 12Pinterest

12. Purple Ombre Hair

This is a perfect example of how to do ombre purple hair right! The dark purple ends lighten into a pretty purplish-pink color before finally segueing into blonde hair.

purple hair 13Maryjane Fashions

13. Light Purple Hair

This light purple hair is so pretty and feminine! It’s a gorgeous lavender hue that works well with long wavy hair.

purple hair 14Becuo.com

14. Lavender Hair With Bangs

Finally, we have a perky and sweet lavender hair with bangs to round out the list! This look is so soft and feminine, but still a little edgy.

purple hair 15Indulgy

Hopefully, this list has given you lots of inspiration for your new purple hair. With all of the gorgeous purple hairstyles to choose from, though, it can be hard to choose just one! That’s the great thing about hair, though. If you don’t like your new purple hairstyle or want to try a different purple hair color, you can always try something different later. Chop it, dye it, style it how you want. After all, it’s just hair!

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