25 Neat Towel Art Designs


With so many new ideas being thought of all the time, and so many old ones constantly being recreated, it is no wonder as to why people have become so creative. And perhaps one of the most creative trends, new to the world of design, is towel art. Though the towels may not stay in the same position forever, they are still great for pictures, and make for a great way to pass the time. Below are 25 of the neatest, and most creative towel art designs, bound to impress anyone.

1. A Nice Red-Eyed Bird Towel Design

It may be rather intimidating to some, but this is a great replication of a pigeon.

A Nice Red-Eyed Bird Towel Design

2. This Excited Little Towel

An excited little towel, ready to jump right into your arms.

This Excited Little Towel

3. A Very Entertaining Human Shaped Towel

Nothing to see here, just a towel human relaxing in bed.

A Very Entertaining Human Shaped Towel

4. This Towel Animal Family

When you get really good at towel art, you can even make little towel families, with all different types of animals.

This Towel Animal Family

5. This Cool Towel Dog

Towel dogs can truly become a man’s best friend. Just look at how adorable this one is!

This Cool Towel Dog

6. A Very Original Towel Lobster Design

You may scare your partner out of bed, but the design itself is great.

A Very Original Towel Lobster Design

7. Two Towel Swans In Love

Clearly in love, these towel swans make a great couple.

A great project for couples looking to do something fun and artistic.

Two Towel Swans In Love

8. Some Very Realistic Dog Towels

Believe it or not, the dogs below are actually all made of towels.

You can’t take them for walks, but they are still very cute.

Some Very Realistic Dog Towels

9. A Smiling Elephant Towel Holding A Flower

When checking into a hotel, there is nothing better to greet you than a smiling elephant made of towels.

A Smiling Elephant Towel Holding A Flower

10. These Cute Bunny Towel Baskets

Great to use as small baskets, or even Christmas stockings.

These Cute Bunny Towel Baskets

11. Incredible Hotel Towel Welcome Art

Since it has become so popular, many hotels are using towel art to welcome their guests, and below is a great example of how creative they can be.

Incredible Hotel Welcome Art

12. Palm Tree Towel Art

Great for those who live in the south, or are on vacation.

Palm Tree Towel Art

13. A Small Origami Bunny Towel

Very cute and somewhat easy to do. In fact, the towel art design below is perfect for beginners to start out with.

A Small Origami Bunny Towel

14. A Couple Of Towel Tusks

Towel tusks are very romantic!

A Couple Of Towel Tusks

15. A Nice Pair Of Towel Slippers

Very convenient, especially when getting out of the shower!

A Nice Pair Of Towel Slippers

16. Towel Doves

Another great design to start out with for beginners, towel doves.

Towel Doves

17. Some Nervous Baby Elephant Towels

It looks like they may be on a roller coaster or in a boat, nonetheless, this is a truly great design.

Some Nervous Baby Elephant Towels

18. An Amazing Towel Cow

Cows are not too common amongst towel art makers, however, proven by the picture below, they do look great when done correctly.

An Amazing Towel Cow

19. A Neat Baby Doll Origami Towel

Very creative, and very well done.

A Neat Baby Doll Origami Towel

20. A Towel Art Gorilla

This one can stand up, and even hold a pen.

A Towel Art Gorilla

21. A Little Brown Towel Bear

Very easy to make, just make sure you have a yellow bow tie too.

A Little Brown Towel Bear

22. Towel Art Eskimo

Instead of building an igloo, this towel eskimo is checking what’s on tv.

Towel Art Eskimo

23. A Neat Towel Peacock

It specific towel design could also be a turkey.

A Neat Towel Peacock

24. Some More Original Towel Designs

A long-haired person, a bottle, and a carrot.

Some More Original Towel Designs

25. A Neat Towel Pinwheel Design

Perhaps the most common towel art design, the pinwheel.

A Neat Towel Pinwheel Design


Proven by the list above, it is truly amazing how original and creative people can get with towels. Whether you are artistic by nature, or just have too much free time on your hands, towel art is a great hobby to get into, and something you’re sure to have some fun with.


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