25 Awesome Skeleton Tattoos


While many people stay far away from skeleton and skull tattoos, fearing that they represent negativity, anger, or death in some way, others view them very positively, and use them to symbolize the celebration of life. In addition to the wide range of symbolism possibilities that come along with them, skeleton tattoos are also beautiful, and be incorporated into almost any design.

Serving as not only one of the most controversial, but also one of the most beautiful tattoo types, skeleton tattoos are talked about and acquired by many different people, from many different cultures. Whether you are looking to get one yourself, or just browsing through some different designs, the list below is sure to be of interest.

1. An Extremely Vibrant, Colorful Skeleton Tattoo

Not only is he colorful, but he is also smoking, checking the time, and carrying a candle.

Vibrant, Colorful Skeleton Tattoo

2. Full Japanese Skeleton Sleeve Tattoo

One of the most popular skeleton genres.

Full Japanese Skeleton Sleeve Tattoo

3. A Beautiful Skeleton Couple

Skeleton couples are often used to represent an everlasting love that exists between two people.

Beautiful Skeleton Couple

4. The Grim Reaper Skeleton Tattoo

The most popular skeleton of all, used to represent death, the grim reaper!

The Grim Reaper Skeleton Tattoo

5. A 3D Skeleton With Flowers

Very well done. Colorful and three-dimensional with a small butterfly at the bottom!

A 3D Skeleton With Flowers

6. This Traditional Skeleton Tattoo Design For Women

Very common amongst the ladies.

Traditional Skeleton Tattoo Design For Women

7. Mexican Girl Skeleton Tattoo

Just one of the many cultures with an abundance of skeleton tattoos!

Mexican Girl Skeleton Tattoo

8. 3D Skeleton Hand Tattoo Design

Very realistic looking, and probably frightening to many people.

3D Skeleton Hand Tattoo Design

9. This Black and Grey Ink Skeleton Back Piece Tattoo

Perhaps the most realistic, and highly detailed tattoo on the entire list.

Black and Grey Ink Skeleton Back Piece Tattoo

10. Skeleton Chest Piece Tattoo

Well, there is quite a lot going on here. This tattoo most definitely called for many, many sessions.

Skeleton Chest Piece Tattoo

11. An Amazing Half Sleeve Skeleton Tattoo

No color needed in order to make this amazing half sleeve skeleton tattoo look incredible.

Half Sleeve Skeleton Tattoo

12. A Celtic Skeleton

Popular amongst the Irish, Celtic skeletons are often used to represent not only death, but also an eternal spiritual life.

A Celtic Skeleton

13. This Skeleton Rib Cage Tattoo

Proven by the picture below, skeleton “rib cage” tattoos don’t necessarily have to be placed on your ribs.

Skeleton Rib Cage Tattoo

14. A Mexican Skeleton Guitarist

Mexican guitarists are a great tattoo choice, especially for those who enjoy dia de los muertos.

Mexican Skeleton Guitarist

15. Matching Dancing Skeletons

Great for couples, friends, and skeleton fans in general.

Matching Dancing Skeletons

16. Another Great Skeleton Hand Tattoo, This Time With A Rose

Though your boss may not be too happy about it, skeleton hand tattoos look incredible, especially with a rose added in.

Great Skeleton Hand Tattoo With A Rose

17. This Skeleton Pirate Back Piece Tattoo

An entire back full of skeleton pirates!

Skeleton Pirate Back Piece Tattoo

18. Another Great Skeleton Musician

A great choice for those interested in skeletons and music.

Great Skeleton Musician

19. A “Social Distortion” Skeleton

In addition to being a great tattoo design, dancing skeletons are also a logo for the popular rock band “Social Distortion.”

“Social Distortion” Skeleton

20. This Skeleton Biker 

Skeleton tattoos are a huge hit with bikers as well.

Skeleton Biker

21. A Skeleton Tree

Even though skeleton trees usually have only one skeleton, they look great with a family of them too.

Skeleton Tree

22. A Green Eyed Skeleton

The famous green eyed skeleton – a tattoo that only top notch artists can pull off.

Green Eyed Skeleton

23. Day Of The Dead Skeleton

Extremely popular, and free of charge at some places during actual day of the dead celebrations.

Day Of The Dead Skeleton

24. This Cat Skeleton Tattoo

Though they are not often found alongside skeleton tattoos, these are a big hit for some people, especially (as you may of guessed) cat lovers.

Cat Skeleton Tattoo

25. Kissing Skeletons

Beautiful, meaningful, and highly sought out by married couples looking to make their love last forever.

Kissing Skeletons

Love them or hate them, skeletons certainly make for wonderful tattoos, and if you happen to be in the market for a one yourself, the list above should certainly be of help. Proven by the list, there many different skeleton tattoo variations, and they are all easy to implement alongside other imagery such as flowers, trees, or quotes.

The list above should give you a lot of options to sort through, and a lot of examples to look at.


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