20 Eye-Catching Oni Mask Tattoo Designs


Both as spiritual as they are beautiful, oni masks and hannaya masks are the two main types of Japanese mask tattoos, and serve as one of their more popular styles. Though they may scare some people away, oni masks are very artistic and worn by not only those in Japan, but by people all over the world.

The meaning behind oni masks is rather complex..

Those who sport oni masks, do so to symbolize a belief in the spiritual world, where evil and unjust punishment takes place. While this does sound rather negative, it really isn’t. Oni masks are actually looked at as protectors, who shield those who do good from evil. Maybe this is why the oni mask face is so intimidating, to scare off evil spirits..

Despite the confusing meaning behind them, oni mask tattoos look incredible and are often done as back pieces or arm sleeves. In order to show everyone just how cool they are, we have compiled a list of 20 eye-catching oni mask tattoo designs that we consider to be great.

1. This Full Oni Mask Back Piece Tattoo Design

It is going to take a lot of evil spirits to get past this guy!

This Full Oni Mask Back Piece Tattoo Design

2. A Very Realistic, Yellow Oni Mask With Blue Flowers

A very realistic and rather uniquely colored oni mask. As seen here, though oni masks are meant to intimidate, flowers are often seen alongside them.

A Very Realistic Yellow Oni Mask, With Blue Flowers

3. A Red Oni Mask With Yellow Horns

A very devilish looking oni mask.

A Red Oni Mask With Yellow Horns

4. A Bluish Green Oni Mask With A Rope Going Through His Head

Ropes circling throughout the oni mask’s head are not too common, however this one does indeed look great.

A Bluish Green Oni Mask With A Top Going Through His Head

5. A Very Intense Blue Oni Mask

Well, this one doesn’t look too happy..

A Very Intense Blue Oni Mask

6. This Neat Blue and Green Oni Mask Tattoo

Blue is apparently a very popular color when it comes to oni masks, and rightfully so, because it looks great on them. This one even has some green facial hair to go with the blue.

This Neat Blue and Green Oni Mask Tattoo

7. A Very Well Done Oni Mask Chest Tattoo

A very well done oni mask in red, that seems to be breathing yellow fire. As seen here, the chest is another great place for an oni mask.

A Very Well Done Oni Mask Chest Tattoo

8. This Red and Green Devilish Oni Mask

With some rather long, stringy hair!

This Red and Green Devilish Oni Mask

9. A Very Nice Grey Ink Oni Mask

No color, or pupils!

A Very Nice Grey Ink Oni Mask

10. Another Nice Grey Ink Oni Mask


This one has some very nice shading, and seems to be ripping right through this person’s back.

Another Nice Grey Ink Oni Mask

11. A Black and Grey Oni Mask With Clouds Surrounding It

As opposed to adding additional creatures or complex details, you can always surround your oni mask with some dark clouds.

A Black and Grey Oni Mask With Clouds Surrounding It

12. A Devilish Blue Oni Mask With Yellow Horns

This one even has a small skull riding on top of it!

A Devilish Blue Oni Mask With Yellow Horns

13. A Vibrant Purple Oni Mask With Small Pink Flowers

Purple is another great oni mask color, and it looks great with flowers.

A Vibrant Purple Oni Mask With Small Pink Flowers

14. This Ultimate Green Oni Mask

This one really sticks out well.

This Ultimate Green Oni Mask

15. A Very Intense Yellow Oni Mask Back Piece

Absolutely beautiful, wow! Whether you are a fan of Japanese tattoos or not, you can’t say this doesn’t look great.

A Very Intense Yellow Oni Mask Back Piece

16. Another Very Intense Ultimate Green Oni Mask

A lot of green and a lot of flowers certainly make for a great oni mask tattoo.

Another Very Intense Ultimate Green Oni Mask

17. Electric Blue Oni Mask 

Riding on what appears to be, another creature..

Electric Blue Oni Mask

18. A Family Of Oni Masks

Very uncommon, but certainly original. This guy must be extra protected!

A Family Of Oni Masks

19. A Nice Full Arm Sleeve Oni Mask

This oni mask arm sleeve is very detailed and most likely took a lot of sessions, however, it looks spectacular!

A Nice Full Arm Sleeve Oni Mask

20. This Very Stunning, Large Red Oni Mask

Another very intense oni mask back piece. Even though this one still needs some shading, it does look great.

This Very Stunning, Large Red Oni Mask


Whether you love them or hate them, there is no denying the fact that oni mask tattoos are some of the best that Japan has to offer. Not only are they intimidating and intense, but they are also extremely interesting, and often require research for some people to figure them out.


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