17 Funky Examples of Blue Hair for Guys


Blue hair for guys has been in and out of fashion over the years. Today, with the “anything goes” attitude toward fashion, it seems to have made a bit of a comeback again!

Blue hair for guys isn’t for the faint of heart or timid. Anyone walking around with blue hair is likely to garner a lot of attention for their unique look. That’s okay, though! Guys with blue hair are generally against the grain types with a devil-may-care-attitude. They don’t care what other people think of their blue hair. The only thing that matters to them is that they like it.

There are lots of different shade of blue hair for guys these days as well, from dark blue to neon blue to light blue.

Even colors like teal blue and turquoise blue are popping up on the scene. Blue hair can also be worn in any number of styles—short cropped style, shaggy wild styles, mohawks, fauxhawks, and everything in between.

To give you a little inspiration for your funky new look, we’ve rounded up some great examples of blue hair for guys!

1. Short Dark Blue Hair

Blue hair for guys doesn’t have to be long and shaggy. A classic short haircut is given a modern makeover with a dark blue hair color.

bue hair for guysImage Source

2. Bright Blue Spiky Hair

Try an edgy look with some bright blue spiked hair. So punk rock!

bue hair for guysImage Source

3. Shaggy Neon Blue Hair

Electric neon blue hair for guys looks awesome in a shaggy haircut!

bue hair for guysImage Source

4. Messy Bright Blue Hairstyle

Another bright blue messy hairstyle that’s sure to catch a few looks!

bue hair for guysImage Source

5. Straight Blue Hair

Straight blue hair for guys is another trendy eye-catching look!

bue hair for guysImage Source

6. Dark Turquoise Blue Spike Hair

Not into the traditional shades of blue hair for guys? Try this dark turquoise blue instead, which looks amazing spiked!

bue hair for guysImage Source

7. Blue Bangs for Guys

Not interested in full blown blue hair for guys? Add a pop of color and an edgy look with some blue bangs.

bue hair for guysImage Source

8. Highlighted Turquoise Blue Hair

Highlighted turquoise blue hair for guys also adds some nice color without being too overwhelming.

bue hair for guysImage Source

9. Blue Streak in Hair For Guys

Another subtle way to do blue hair for guys, this blue streak isn’t immediately noticeable, but it’s still stylish and sophisticated.

bue hair for guysImage Source

10. Dark Blue Highlights

Dark blue highlights in spiked hair are funky and fun.

bue hair for guysImage Source

11. Colorful Blue Mohawk

For a truly funky punk look, a blue mohawk really gets the job done! Shades of pink, yellow, and bue make this a more colorful look.

bue hair for guysImage Source

12. Bright Blue Fauxhawk

The mohawk’s modern cousin, the fauxhawk, looks even more stunning when dyed bright blue.

bue hair for guysImage Source

13. Teal Blue Hair for Guys

Dark and bright blue hair for guys aren’t the only blue hair looks out there. Light blue hair for guys, like this teal hair, can look excellent with the right cut.

bue hair for guysImage Source

14. Light Blue Hair for Guys

Another perfect example of light blue hair for guys.

bue hair for guysImage Source

15. Spiked Light Blue Hair

Spiked light blue hair is the perfect look for a punk rocker!

bue hair for guysImage Source

16. Turquoise Blue Hair

This light shade of turquoise blue makes for an awesome blue hairstyle for guys!

bue hair for guysImage Source

17. Short Light Blue Hair for Guys

The powder blue color really sets this cropped short haircut apart!

bue hair for guysImage Source

So, are you ready to take the plunge with blue hair, guy? If your hair is a light blonde, chances are you probably won’t need to do anything but apply blue hair dye for a bright and vibrant hue. If you have darker, hair, though, you’ll most likely only achieve subtle blue highlights unless you lighten or bleach your hair. If you’ve never lightened your hair before, it’s best to seek the help of a professional stylist.

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