16 Wicked Bloody Tattoo Design Ideas

bloody tattoo design 2

A bloody tattoo design is an interesting choice for a permanent piece of body art. Designs like this are usually pretty graphic and not for the faint of heart.

There might be a number of reasons why a person might choose a bloody tattoo design. Some people might just want a more unusual tattoo design. Most people looking for bloody tattoos, however, usually have a taste for the macabre.

If you’re looking for bloody tattoo designs, your choices certainly aren’t limited! For a little inspiration and some great ideas, take a look at these bloody tattoos!

1. Bloody Barbed Wire Tattoo

This barbed wire tattoo has just a few strategically placed droplets of blood. It’s a subtle bloody tattoo design that’s not too over the top.

bloody tattoo design 1Image Source

2. Bloody Cut Tattoo

This cut tattoo, complete with blood, is realistic enough to turn a few heads!

bloody tattoo design 2Image Source

3. Razor Bloody Tattoo Design

A bloody razor tattoo on the wrist might be a little disturbing to some. To others, though, it might have some emotional significance.

bloody tattoo designImage Source

4. Bloody All Seeing Eye Tattoo

Here’s an interesting variation of an all seeing eye tattoo. The bloody splatter and black birds add a macabre element.

bloody tattoo designImage Source

5. Splattered Bloody Tattoo Design

This is a slightly simpler bloody tattoo design, but it’s still pretty powerful. It’s little more than a blood splatter, but the detail and artistry in this is fantastic!

bloody tattoo designImage Source

6. Bleeding Hook Tattoo

A good 3D tattoo can be utterly amazing! And this bloody tattoo design of a hook in the skin looks real enough to fool most people from the right angle.

bloody tattoo designImage Source

7. Bloody Paw Print Tattoo

Bloody paw prints scampering up the side of the body are creepy and macabre, but still a little cute.

bloody tattoo designImage Source

8. Bloody Skull Tattoo

A skull seems to fit perfectly with a bloody tattoo design!


bloody tattoo designImage Source

9. Bloody Tattoo Design With Ants

Yuck! Adding some creepy crawly insects to a bloody tattoo design definitely ups the gore factor here!

bloody tattoo designImage Source

10. Pierced Mouth With Blood Tattoo

No need to decide between a pierced lip and a bloody tattoo design here. Hopefully, though, an actual lip piercing wouldn’t have this much blood.

bloody tattoo designImage Source

11. Bloody Alien Tattoo

Alien movie fans can appreciate this bloody tattoo design.

bloody tattoo designImage Source

12. Bloody Heart and Key Design

If you’re contemplating a bloody heart tattoo design, this keyhole design is unique and clever.

bloody tattoo designImage Source

13. Bloody Rose Tattoo

A rose dripping with blood is both beautiful and macabre. The skull in the middle adds a nice dark little twist.

bloody tattoo designImage Source

14. Bloody Puzzle Piece Tattoo

How’s this for a bloody twist on a puzzle piece tattoo? It would make an interesting half to a matching tattoo!

bloody tattoo designImage Source

15. Bloody Eyeball Chest Tattoo

You can’t get much creepier than a giant eyeball being ripped open in this bloody tattoo design!

bloody tattoo designImage Source

16. Blood Mouth Neck Tattoo

Okay, maybe there is something creepier than a bloody tattoo design with a giant eyeball on the chest…

bloody tattoo designImage Source

Do your research when choosing an artist for your own bloody tattoo design. Choose a tattoo artist who specialized in 3D or realistic tattoos. A horror tattoo artist can also usually create an amazing mind-blowing bloody tattoo design!

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