15 Unbelievable Drawings Of Eyes


While most artists prefer to draw either people or animals, others prefer to draw eyes, and whether they be that of a human, an animal, or a reptile, they certainly look amazing. Not only is there a lot of symbolism behind most of these drawings, but there is a high amount of shading, and intricate detail as well, making them one of the most popular types of sketches, and also one of the most difficult to pull off.

In order to provide you with some great examples, while also giving aspiring artists some new ideas to work with, we have put together a list of 15 unbelievable drawing of eyes, from an abundance of different artists.

While many of the drawings below are done by experienced veterans, others are done by novices, that way there is a large range and wide variety of examples for you to look at.

1. A Nice Eye Drawing With A City Skyline

If you notice, there are also some neat trees below it.

A Nice Eye Drawing With A City Skyline

2. A Very Realistic, Standard, Human Eye

Though skylines and additional imagery is great, some eyes look best on their own. There is so much attention to detail with this drawing, that you can even see the eyes’ veins, and a few wrinkles in the skin.

A Very Realistic, Standar, Human Eye

3. Green Eye With A Hand Reaching Out

A very unique eye drawing, sure to impress most people. Though it hasn’t been noted by the artist, there is most likely a deep meaning behind this one.

Green Eye With A Hand Reaching Out

4. Rainbow Eye

Absolutely unbelievable. This eye drawing is so well done that you can even see the artists’ reflection. Though it may be hard to believe, this was done strictly with colored pencils.

Rainbow Eye

5. Another Colored Pencil Eye Drawing

This one is almost indistinguishable from an actual human eye.

Another Colored Pencil Eye Drawing

6. An Old Man With Bright Blue Eyes

An amazing sketch, done by well known artist Christopher Herrera. You know it’s a good drawing when you can tell the person’s age by the wrinkles in their skin.

An Old Man With Bright Blue Eyes

7. A Broken Eye

Done by artist CJDevil, this drawing is incredibly unique, and extremely intricate. If you look closely enough, you can see some detailed reflections through the shading.

A Broken Eye

8. Katy Perry’s Eyes

Though it may appear to be a blackened photo of the singer, this too was actually done with only a pencil.

Katy Perry’s Eyes

9. A Large Crying Eye

Not only can you see what the eye is looking at through the reflective pupil, but you can also tell how big it is, based on the man’s arm. This is very well shaded, and the eye lashes make it somewhat three dimensional.

A Large Crying Eye

10. An Eye With Makeup

Judging by the dark makeup and feminine brow, this amazing drawing appears to be the eye of a lady.

An Eye With Makeup

11. Two Crying Eyes

Some find it rather creepy and intimidating, while others find it beautiful!

Two Crying Eyes

12. A Stunningly Realistic Male Eye

Even after being told this is not an actual photo with a black and white filter, it is still hard to believe it is a drawing.

A Stunningly Realistic Male Eye

13. Sad Eyes With A Young Girl Inside

Perhaps symbolizing the inner child of this woman..

Sad Eyes With A Young Girl Inside

14. Some More Very Realistic Female Eyes

Making it again, hard to believe that these were all done with pencils..

Some More Very Realistic Female Eyes

15. A Very Vibrant, Bright Blue Eye

As seen in the picture, this unbelievable drawing was done with only blue, white, and black colored pencils.

A Very Vibrant, Bright Blue Eye


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