15 Hauntingly Beautiful and Creepy Human Tooth Jewelry Examples


What do you do when you’re getting bored with your plain old jewelry? Trade it in for some human tooth jewelry, of course!

Human tooth jewelry isn’t something that you see every day! It can be considered something of a statement piece. Jewelry made from human teeth isn’t for everyone, though. Some people may think of it as too macabre, gross, or creepy. Others, however, find it fascinating and different. Not all tooth jewelry is macabre, though. Jewelry is also a great way to preserve and keep baby teeth.

Intrigued by human tooth jewelry? Check out some of these awesome and somewhat creepy examples…

1. Wire Wrapped Tooth Necklace

Let’s start our list of human tooth jewelry with a nice little human tooth necklace. This wire wrapped piece has a rustic backwoods feel to it.

human tooth jewelryImage Source

2. Toothy Grin Necklace

If one tooth just isn’t enough, how about a whole mouthful of teeth around your neck? This teeth necklace will help ensure that you never leave the house without a big toothy grin!

human tooth jewelryImage Source

3. Baby Teeth Keepsake Necklace

Baby human tooth jewelry is actually a pretty creative way to hang onto some sweet keepsakes. And, these baby tooth vial necklaces are more classy than creepy.

human tooth jewelryImage Source

4. Tooth Cameo Necklace

A human tooth is an unusual and unexpected addition to this cameo style necklace.

human tooth jewelryImage Source

5. Cavity Sweet Tooth Necklace

Human tooth jewelry isn’t always pristine and pretty. This cavity riddled tooth comes paired with a likely culprit—sugary sprinkles. This necklace can also double as a fun game of catch when you need to kill some time.

human tooth jewelryImage Source

6. Toothy Grill Necklace

Teeth set into a trendy bar necklace is rather…unexpected, to say the least! It’s sure to catch a few people’s eyes and get a few comments, that’s for sure!

human tooth jewelryImage Source

7. Human Tooth Necklace and Earrings Set

You don’t want to get too matchy matchy with your human tooth jewelry. But, this tasteful necklace and earrings set makes it a little hard not to!


human tooth jewelryImage Source

8. Dangling Teeth Earrings

A chain of dangling teeth makes for an interesting pair of earrings!

human tooth jewelryImage Source

9. Wire Wrapped Teeth Earrings

Teeth wrapped in copper wire are an interesting way to preserve and keep a couple baby teeth.

human tooth jewelryImage Source

10. Set of Teeth Bracelet

Now you can wear an entire extra set of teeth around your wrist. Because who doesn’t need an extra set of teeth…?

human tooth jewelryImage Source

11. Single Tooth Bracelet

If wearing an entire grill on your wrist, you can always opt for a little less conspicuous bracelet with a single tooth.

human tooth jewelryImage Source

12. Pierced Human Tooth Ring

This isn’t your typical ring, of course, but the metal rod piercing the roots of this tooth make it just that much creepier…

human tooth jewelryImage Source

13. Tooth Knuckle Ring

If you want some truly unique human tooth jewelry, you can’t get much more interesting and creative than a human tooth knuckle ring. And, knuckle rings are oh so chic right now too!

human tooth jewelryImage Source

14. Human Tooth Rings

If knuckle rings aren’t your style, not to worry! There are apparently lots of different human tooth ring styles to choose from.

human tooth jewelryImage Source

15. Human Tooth Hair Clips

Some human tooth hair clips are just the thing to go with your human tooth jewelry!

human tooth jewelryImage Source

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