18 Amazing Interlocking Tattoos


Interlocking tattoos are a unique sort of matching tattoos. Instead of two tattoos that simply match, interlocking tattoos combine to make one complete image when put together. Usually, each part of an interlocking tattoo design is a standalone element in the design.

An interlocking tattoo design is a great idea for people considering matching tattoos. Couples, friends, and family members, for instance, can get interlocking tattoos together. Individuals can also get interlocking tattoos on two parts of their bodies, though, such as the forearms.

Placement for interlocking tattoos can be tricky.

They need to be placed on areas of the body that can be put together easily. The hands, forearms, and shoulders are popular places for these types of tattoos.

If you’re looking for interlocking tattoo design ideas, check out these amazing designs!

1. Simple Interlocking Heart Tattoo

The simplicity of this interlocking heart design makes it no less powerful. It’s the perfect subtle pair of interlocking tattoos for couples!

interlocking tattoosImage Source

2. Interlocking Sisters Tattoo Design

Sisters are also perfect candidates for interlocking tattoos, and this tattoo design is simple, elegant, and adorable!

interlocking tattoosImage Source

3. Matching Heartbeats Tattoos

Matching heartbeat tattoos fit beautifully on the wrists and look great on both men and women, making these interlocking tattoos great for couples.

interlocking tattoosImage Source

4. Celtic Tree Interlocking Tattoo Design

Celtic tattoos, like this tree design, make fantastic interlocking tattoos for just about anyone! The designs are pleasing to the eyes and mesh well together.

interlocking tattoosImage Source

5. Interlocking Celtic Knot Tattoo

Two halves of a Celtic knot inked on each forearm are alluring, but put them together and they make a stunning design!

interlocking tattoosImage Source

6. Interlocking Puzzle Pieces Tattoos

Puzzle pieces just naturally work as interlocking tattoos.

interlocking tattoosImage Source

7. Key and Lock Interlocking Tattoos

Heart shaed key and lock interlocking tattoos are a romantic choice for couples!

interlocking tattoosImage Source

8. Flying Birds Matching Tattoos

Each of these wrist tattoos is beautiful on its own, but together they make a gorgeous flock of birds.

interlocking tattoosImage Source


9. Birds on a Branch Interlocking Tattoos

Blue titmice perched on a branch running from one arm to another make for some colorful interlocking tattoos. Plus, each bird and branch section looks attractive enough on its own.

interlocking tattoosImage Source

10. Parrots in Love Tattoo

A couple of adorable parrots sit on a perch with cute and subtle little hearts.

interlocking tattoosImage Source

11. Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man Tattoos

I wonder what’s going to happen when these two interlocking tattoos meet…

interlocking tattoosImage Source

12. Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tattoos

They may be small and simple, but these black Minnie and Mickey mouse interlocking tattoos sure are adorable!

interlocking tattoosImage Source

13. Disney Interlocking Tattoos

These interlocking tattoo characters are from The Little Mermaid, but any two fairy tale characters would make a sweet interlocking tattoo design.

interlocking tattoosImage Source

14. Butterfly Feet Tattoo

Alone, these two butterfly wings look like nothing more than intricate designs, but put the together and you have an intricate interlocking tattoo design!

interlocking tattoosImage Source

15. Colorful Butterfly Quote Tattoos

Adding a quote to interlocking tattoos can make it so much more meaningful and powerful!

interlocking tattoosImage Source

16. Peach Interlocking Tattoo Design

Peace and love for all, and interlocking tattoos like this are a great way to show this sentiment!

interlocking tattoosImage Source

17. Strong Interlocking Tattoo Design

To match up the letters of the word perfectly like this must have taken forever, but it’s a jaw dropping design!

interlocking tattoosImage Source

18. Catdog Interlocking Tattoos

For the fun loving couple, this Catdog tattoo is light and fun!

interlocking tattoosImage Source

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