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SloDive is deep diving in the ocean of knowledge to bring out the best pearls for its readers and in this endeavor, we have found a splendid resource in form of a handbook, specially for Graphic Designers.


This handbook is printed to make sure that your ideas translate well when printed, as well as show what should be possible from your local press.

print handbook
handbook content

The Print Handbook is an excellent resource for Graphic Designers. It is stuffed full of printed examples, color charts, conversion tables, and loads of other reference materials (see a full list at Hopefully, it will cut down on the guesswork that happens when your job goes from screen to print. This handbook won’t tell you how to think like a great designer, or teach you the history of typography, but it might just help you with some of the stuff that’s, well, helpful to know.


How To Enter?

– All you have to do is to Tweet this giveaway and leave a comment here telling why you need this.

– The contest will end on Sunday 22nd May 2011 and winners will be announced on Monday 23rd May 2011.

– Good Luck to everyone.

FTC guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials by being truthful in your review and disclose in full that A Print Handbook for Designers has provided prizing, but all thoughts and opinions are strictly our own.

[Winners Are]

  1. Gordon Bonnar
  2. Avery Smith
  3. Gonzo the Great



  1. I want to start freelancing with the intent of starting my own business and these books would be an invaluable resource.

  2. My printing resource library is rather empty right now. These books seem to be well designed and filled with critical information. Sounds like a good way to start my library.

  3. After recently starting up a freelance design studio I really need to build up my resources and strong design reference material. This would be a very strong start.

  4. I’m from Tijuana, México. There aren’t any good designers here to learn from, but a lot of creatives, remember the famous donkey show? its a marketing scheme.

  5. someone told me that every time there’s an error in print spec/size/color, etc, a kitten dies. i need these books so i can save kittens!

  6. I can’t afford the luxury not to get better and better, so I try to catch every chance. Thats why I need it.

  7. Damn, i would really like to win this one because I am a starting designer and they are very usefull to me because of the freelance work I do.

  8. I should win because I tend to get web projects primarily because I don’t understand all the various elements of print design and this may help tremendously. Thanks and good luck to you all and I hope I win!

  9. I’m about to become a college graduate and am starting a library of design books and these books would be of great value.

  10. A Graphic Design Student who needs to go back 2 basics and a book in my hand would be handy :)

  11. I’ve been doing all things webby for a while and now I need to get back to basics on print stuff!

  12. just about to graduate and starting a photography and print design company with 2 friends, this would be a great start to our collection of resources!!

  13. i need this book will be a nice to learn more, in Brazil is hard to find this kind of book, i need to win…to all my friends designers

  14. Always need reference material like this, especially the ones that brings together all the info

    Reteweeted at @mstonge5


  15. I never went to design school… I need all the knowledge I can get my grubby little hands on. Never stop learning!!

  16. Hi, I’m just started as a freelance web designer and I need all the help that I can get.
    Plus I loooooooove reading :D

  17. Is always good to have this kind of material.
    Everybody forgets something about printing every now and then :D

  18. I’m primarily a web designer, a little too used to working on the screen for the screen – would find these books very useful for gaining confidence to push my print work further. Cheers!

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