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Astonishing Good Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are a unique way to express your deepest ideas, dreams, fantasies, and beliefs. The world of tattoo art is ancient and borrows on beautiful patterns from nature, life, human civilization, and everything that is strange, mysterious, and artistic. Well inked tattoos have a deep impact on people who look at them, and are meaningful for the person who has it tattooed.

When you look at Good Tattoo Ideas you can make out the detailing and effort that the tattoo artist has put into the design.

Permanent ink designs are made on many parts of the body, using the natural curves and folds for a richer look. Many good tattoos use the soft textures of skin to make the design more lifelike, such as a bunch of cherries inked on the upper chest area of a woman. When the red ink of the cherry shades the design the effect on her beautiful skin is soft and artistic. The front of a man’s body lends itself to cool strong designs in dramatic black patterns. On the foot you often find a tattoo that gracefully curves to match the shape of the ankle area. Pretty flower and vine theme tattoos on the foot may just become a cool and unique permanent anklet design for a woman. You also find gorgeous tattoos in many colors covering the upper arm of both men and women. Sleeve tattoos can be extremely detailed, and using the long shape of the arm, have patterns such as red roses or full human figures as a part of the design. The widest part of the back area is a good place to get fresh ink designs such as richly detailed wings that spread out along the shoulders. Here is a look at some good tattoo designs for different parts of the body.

Cherry Good Tattoo

The round red cherries combine with graceful light green leaves in this soft and sensuous tattoo inked on the woman’s upper chest area.

Good Tribal Tattoo Idea

Diagonal lines in sharp strokes combine with graceful arched shapes in this tribal motif black tattoo design idea.

A Good Design

This beautiful tattoo idea in rich black ink lovingly traces the shape of a six petal flower complete with vines and leaves.

Clever Tattoos You Should Check Out

Tattoos are a powerful way to express creativity and imagination. They can express your fondest themes, your deepest fears, and your secret life story. You can make a tattoo on your skin your fun statement on life, or use it carry a special memory with you forever. Many intelligent tattoos combine different designs to tell stories about the times we live in.

Clever Tattoos are a window into the mind of the tattoo artist and the person who chose such a tattoo design for themselves.


Blogger’s Tattoo

You can see the graphic design style W with a circle around making up a clever black tattoo design on the arm. This WordPress logo is one of the cool tattoos to get for your wrist. It also allows the wearer to flaunt their occupation as a blogger.

Clever Science Tattoo

This is how molecules interlock making structures of life as this clever upper arm tattoo about science shows. How often do you see cool tattoo designs like this? If Chemistry is your passion, then this is definitely one cool tattoo design to get. You can even choose your favorite element or molecule to ink on your bicep.

Clever Globalization Statement

In this interconnected world countries are dependent on each other to make products. This clever tattoo tag theme idea shows how. Funny tattoos like this are hard to find but are essentially one of those crazy tattoos that has a great political statement.

Staggering Tattoos For Guys

Guys usually want tattoos that are dark and bold. But bold and colorful is another style that guys carry off well. These are some tattoos for guys that range from simple grey and black to bright and colorful. The themes also range from floral and tribal to fierce animals and horror. They are a collection that is really worth copying. Who says a guy cannot carry off an artistic large tattoo? These examples will prove to you how macho and trendy tattoos can look on a guy. A tattoo can be a piece of art when designed well even if it is just black and grey in color.

Body painting is an ancient art indulged in by royalty right down to tribal folk. This is an art that has a global flavor and has evolved into a fine art. The use of different colors and shades along with standard black and grey make the tattoos look very colorful and trendy. These are some guy tattoos that go well with the macho image. The themes range from floral to tribal and from pleasant to horror. But the overall effect of these tattoos is very artistic and new wave. A mix of themes makes some of these examples even more fashionable.

Show Of Power

A lion, the king of the jungle, shows his power in his grown and large mane through this classy guy‘s tattoo.

Stars And Curves

Artistic curves and stars that form this guy‘s tattoo are worth showing off due to the classy shading.

Fires Of Hell

The dark theme of fires of hell and skulls forms a very artistic design for this guy‘s tattoo. \


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