20 Crazy Zipper Tattoo ideas


People looking for zipper tattoo ideas are usually looking for unique tattoos that will make them stand out. Zipper tattoos aren’t as common as some other tattoos, like butterflies and skulls. However, that doesn’t make them any less appealing! In fact, it usually makes them  more sought after by some!

A zipper tattoo is truly unique and interesting. It can also be as meaningful as any other tattoo. A popular theme for zipper tattoos is making it look like the zipper is opening the skin and revealing something underneath, perhaps a hidden desire or personality trait. Zipper tattoo are also a great way to disguise unsightly scars. A zipper pull can be placed at the end of a scar, for instance, to make it look like a zipper.

Whatever your reason for getting a zipper tattoo, you can be sure that you’ll have one of the more unique tattoos out there!

If you still need a little inspiration for your ink, make sure you check out these amazing and crazy zipper tattoo ideas!

1. Zipper Chest Tattoo

Not for the faint of heart, this zipper tattoo is a litte gruesome but a lot awesome!

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2. Simple Zipper Tattoo

Simple zipper tattoo ideas are sometimes just as eye catching as their larger and more detailed counterparts.

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3. Zipper Wrist Tattoo

A zipper wrist tattoo is certainly unique.

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4. Closed Zipper Tattoos

Most zipper tattoo ideas involve sightly open zippers, but this one gives you a good idea of what a closed zipper tattoo looks like.

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5. Unzipping the Back Tattoo

This zipper tattoo on the back makes it look like the skin on the back is being zipped open.

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6. Heart Under a Zipper Tattoo

Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, show it off on your chest with this interesting zipper tattoo idea.

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7. Zipper Neck Tattoo

A zipper on the back of the neck is sure to make people wonder exactly what you have going on in there!

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8. Zipper Tattoo on the Neck

If you’re looking for zipper tattoo ideas on the neck, here’s another possibility. It’s a bit longer and larger and it’s partially unzipped.

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9. Zipper Tattoo on Scar

A zipper pull makes an interesting addition to the end of a long scar.

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10. Forearm Zipper Sleeve Tattoo

There are a few zipper tattoo ideas on the forearm. This is one of the more interesting ones, since it looks ike a sleeve made from skin.

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11. Reptile Skn Under a Zipper Tattoo

A patch of reptile skin under a zipper tattoo makes people wonder.

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12. Musical Zipper Tattoo

Music lovers looking for zipper tattoo ideas can appreciate this musical twist on a zipper tattoo.

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13. Zipper Around a Scar

A fun way to help disguise a scar is to surround it with a zipper. The scar will still be visible, but it would definitely be more interesting!

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14. Zipper at the End Of a Scar

All that’s needed to turn this surgical scar into a zipper is a zipper pull. The scar and the staple marks complete the zipper.

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15. Leopard Print Under a Zipper Tattoo

Unzip your wild side with some tattooed eopard print under a zipper tattoo.

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16. Eyeball Zipper Tattoo

Eyeball tattoos are creepy enough? But eyeballs peeking out from under a zipper on the skin? Yikes!

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17. Hand Coming Out of a Zipper

If you thought the eye peeking out of the zipper was creepy, check out ths hand! Zipper tattoo ideas like these definitely aren’t for the faint of heart!

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18. Shoulder Muscle Zipper Tattoo

We all know there’s musce under the skin, but we rarely get a chance to see it. Until now, that is…

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19. Forearm Muscle Zipper Tattoo

A zipper tattoo on the forearm parts to reveal the muscle and ligaments under the skin.

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20. Skeleton Zipper Tattoo

Or, show your dark side with a skeleton just under the skin.

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Now that you’ve checked out these zipper tattoo ideas, are you ready to get inked? As you can see from the zipper tattoo ideas above, zipper tattoos can look amazing just about anywhere. Whether you’re unzipping your shoulder or zipping your head, you’re sure to have one of the craziest tattoos out there with your zipper tattoo!

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