15 Sexy Snake Bites Piercing Ideas


A snake bites piercing is a type of lower lip piercing. It is actually a set of piercings, evenly spaced on either side of the lower lip. A snake bites piercing often goes straight through the lip and out the other side, but one variation, the vertical snake bites piercing, runs up and out the tp of the lower lip.

Snake bite piercings can either be pierced with studs or rings, and both types of piercings can be—and are—worn by both men and women. Although they look amazing on their own, snake bites piercings can also be combined with other mouth piercings for a sightly more unique look.

Most snake bites piercings are done in a very similar fashion, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re all the same! The type of body jewelry worn and the combination with other piercings can make each piercing unique and different.

For a few ideas of the different looks that can be achieved with snake bites piercings, take a ook at these amazing examples!

1. Snake Bites Piercing With Ball Studs

A simple snake bites pieng with basic ball studs through the lip.

snake bites piercingImage Source

2. Snake Bites Piercing With Spike Studs

Spike studs can add a fierce look to a snake bites piercing!

snake bites piercingImage Source

3. Canine Bites Piercing With Large Spike Studs

Pair a snake bites piercing with two piercings on either side of the upper lip, known as angel bites piercings, and you have a canine bites piercing.

snake bites piercingImage Source

Rings are a nice variation of a snake bite piercing.

snake bites piercingImage Source

5. Spiked Horseshoe Snakebites Piercing

And, so are spiked horseshoe half rings!

snake bites piercingImage Source

6. Snake Bites Piercing With Labret

A labret piercing between two snake bites piercings is a popular combination, and for good reason!

snake bites piercingImage Source

7. Vertical Snake Bites Piercings

Vertical snake bites piercings run from the bottom of the lip up through the lip on either side, and are usually adorned with curved barbells.


snake bites piercingImage Source

8. Rhinestone Vertical Snake Bite Piercings

Rhinestone barbells add a pretty touch to these vertical snake bite piercings.

snake bites piercingImage Source

9. Snake Bite Piercing Rings With Vertical Labret

A vertical labret piercing can also be added between a snake bites piercing with rings.

snake bites piercingImage Source

10. Canine Bites Piercing

These angel bites piercings and snake bites piercings combine to make a beautiful canine bites piercing!

snake bites piercingImage Source

11. Snake Bites Rings and Angel Bites Studs

Don’t be afraid to mix up the types of jewelry in a canine bites piercing for a unique look!

snake bites piercingImage Source

12. Double Snake Bites Piercings

These double snake bites piercings are known as shark bites.

snake bites piercingImage Source

13. Snake Bites Piercing With Venom Bites

Double tongue piercings, known as venom bites, pair well with snake bites piercings.

snake bites piercingImage Source

14. Snake Bites Piercings With Dimple Piercings

Dimple piercings and snake bite piercings are cute on their own, but combine them and they’re simply adorable!

snake bites piercingImage Source

15. Triangle Bite Piercing

Combine a Medusa piercing with a pair of snake bites piercings for a triangle bite piercing.

snake bites piercingImage Source

Choosing the right piercer for your snake bites piercing is imperative. Opting for an inexperienced piercer or unsanitary piercing shops can lead to all sorts of problems with your piercings, including infection and unsightly scarring. Before making a decision, do your research! Read reviews and ask trusted friends for recommendations.

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