10 Crazy Weird Piercings That You Don’t See Every Day

weird piercings 13 achilles

To some the entire world of piercing and body modification is weird. To those with a passion for and interest in it, though, body modification is just an artistic form of self-expression. Like tattoos, piercings are commonplace, and there aren’t too many piercings that can raise eyebrows or turn heads these days. However, that doesn’t mean that there are  no piercings that are considered unusual even to seasoned piercers.

As society continues to push the boundaries of body modification, weird piercings are no longer just strange myths, but they’re becoming reality.

Most people seeking weird piercings do so because they’re different, plain and simple. They can be almost certain that they will run into very few, if any, people with the same piercings.

Whether you find weird piercings intriguing or repulsive, it’s hard not to check them out! Here’s a little collection of ten weird piercings that will blow your mind! I must warn you, though—some people may find a few of these piercings a little difficult to look at…

1. Stretched Open Labret

A traditional labret piercing is a piercing through the lower lip directly above the chin. They are no longer considered to be weird piercings, and you may even know someone with a labret piercing. It might look a little something like this…

weird piercings 1 labretJohn Oczypok Online

Sometimes a labret piercing just isn’t extreme enough, though. In that case, you could always stretch the labret and wear an open lip plate. I can imagine that she has a bit of difficulty drinking through a straw!

weird piercings 2 open labretAtomicCrowd

2. Stretched Cheek Piercings

Like labret piercings, cheek piercings really aren’t weird piercings these days. In fact, they’re pretty cute!

weird piercings 3 cheekPiercingtime.com

But, what happens when you stretch cheek piercings and wear an open plate? Well, I’d say you end up with some weird piercings and a nice view of the teeth. Eating seems almost impossible with these types of weird piercings, but the wearer says that it’s really not that bad.

weird piercings 4 open cheekMetro.co.uk

3. Eyelid Piercings

Eyebrow piercings are so last season. These days, all the cool kids are looking for more extreme piercings, like these unique eyelid piercings! These weird piercings are definitely not for those squeamish people who can’t stand anything touching their eyeballs!

weird piercings 5 eyelid 1AcidCow.com

weird piercings 6 eyelid 2Piercingtime.com

4. Heart Shaped Dermal Punching

Ouch! Can you imagine having a chunk of cartilage punched out of your ear?! That’s the basic principle behind this heart shaped dermal punching piercing. You can even see the little chuck of ear cartilage that was removed. It’s definitely cute when it heals, but it looks awful painful!

weird piercings 7 cart removalTumblr

5. Mandible Piercing

Oh, well this seems like a good idea! A mandible piercing starts inside the mouth under the tongue, passes through the jaw, and emerges under the chin. It can actually be one of the most dangerous piercings too, so there aren’t many piercers that will actually attempt it.

weird piercings 8 mandibleYoutube

6. Clavicle Piercing

Speaking of dangerous weird piercings, up next we have the clavicle piercing! A clavicle piercing enters at the top of the collarbone, passes behind it, and exits just below it. Because of the major artery and nerve that reside under the collarbone, this is another piercing that few piercers will attempt.

weird piercings 9 subclavicleBody Jewery Blog

7. Throat Corset Piercing

Corset piercings are beautiful piercings, but they’re still pretty rare. Since these are usually accomplished with several surface piercings, they usually don’t heal or reject and are only kept in for a short time. They are typically only done for erotic play or photo shoots. Corset piercings are usually on the back, but one of the more unusual placements is the throat.

weird piercings 10 throat corsetBodyPiercers.org

8. Gum Piercings

Gum piercings are some of the stranger oral piercings out there. These involve literally piercing through the gum line and inserting jewelry.

weird piercings 11 gumsBody Jewelry Blog

9. Uvula Piercing

You know that little hangy ball in the back of your throat? The little bump of flesh responsible for your gag reflex? Yeah, some people get that pierced…

weird piercings 12 uvulaFlickr

10. Achilles Heel Piercing

Finally, we have the Achilles piercing, which passes through the heel between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. This is still an extremely rare piercing, and only a handful of people actually go through with it.

weird piercings 13 achillesDeviant Art

And, we’ve concluded our rather interesting list of weird piercings. Before you take the plunge on any alternative or weird piercings, a word of warning. Many weird piercings are still rare for a reason. Some may cause scarring or disfiguration, for instance, while others can be downright dangerous due to poor healing or anatomy of the piercing site.

If you like these weird piercings, you might also want to check out these corset piercings and tragus piercings!


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