30 Incredible Clock Tattoo Designs


Though they may not be talked about as much as other designs, clock tattoo designs are extremely popular and have been around for quite some time now.

While some clock tattoo designs are simply for aesthetic purposes, others have deep meanings and can be very metaphoric.

1. The Colorless Roman Numeral Clock

Though it is essentially colorless, this roman numeral style clock tattoo is rather bold and stands out very well.

Colorless Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo

2. This Colorful Pocket Watch Clock Tattoo

Over here on the polar opposite end of the spectrum, are these colorful pocket watch clock tattoo designs.

Colorful Pocket Watch

3. This Old-School Clock

It may take a few sessions, but this incredibly detailed old-school clock is definitely worth your time and money.

Old School Clock Tattoo

4. This Very Realistic 3D Design

Not only is this clock detailed, but it also realistic. Looking almost like it’s coming off your arm, this 3D tattoo design is sure to turn some heads!

Very Realistic 3D Clock

5. The Hand Holding The Clock Tattoo

Reminiscent in many ways of the ability to control time, the hand and clock tattoo design is extremely popular. However, this one also seems to be melting the clock..

Hand Holding Clock Tattoo

6. This Old-Time 3D Back Piece Clock Tattoo Design

Another extremely realistic, and highly detailed 3D Clock Tattoo.

Old-Time 3D Back Piece Clock Tattoo

7. Half Lion, Half Clock!

A great choice for those looking to symbolize bravery, power, and loyalty, while also incorporating the element of time.

Half Lion, Half Clock Tattoo

8. Rose and Clock Tattoos

Though they include somewhat feminine flowers, rose and clock tattoos are worn by both men and women.

Rose and Clock Tattoo

9. Clock Sleeve Tattoos

Serving as perhaps the most noticeable out of any on the list, this clock tattoo is a great choice for those with an entire arm to spare.

Clock Sleeve Tattoo

10. Stairs Leading Up To A Clock

There is certainly a metaphoric meaning behind this one..

Stairs Leading Up To A Clock

11. Broken Clock Tattoo Designs

What better way to symbolize the passage of time, than by a broken clock.


12. The Melting Clock Design Back Tattoo

The melting clock has long been known for it’s meaning, which is the disregard for structured passage of time.

Melting Clock Design Back Tattoo

13. Black and Grey Realistic Clocks

Though there is no color included, this design is almost indistinguishable from an actual old clock.

Black and Grey Realistic Clock Tattoo

14. This Black and Grey Skull Clock Tattoo

Likely representing death or mortality in one way or another, this black and grey skull clock tattoo is yet another great design.

Black and Grey Skull Clock Tattoo

15. The Gears and Sandclock Tattoo Design

Another great old-style vintage clock, likely symbolizing a remembrance of the past.

Gears and Sandclock Tattoo Design

16. Cuckoo Clocks 

Though most people don’t have them in their house anymore, cuckoo clocks are still very popular tattoo designs.

Cuckoo Clock

17. This Colorful Rose and Clock Design

Symbolizing love and life, this rose and clock tattoo design caters more towards women.

Colorful Rose and Clock Design

18. This Eye Clock

Always keeping an eye on the time!

Eye Clock Tattoo

19. Pyramids, Bats, and Clocks!

This design is rather unique, and though the meaning behind it may be unknown to many people, it still looks great!

Pyramid, Bat, and Clock Tattoo

20. This Raven Is Keeping An Eye On The Time

While some associate the raven with death, others believe it symbolizes knowledge. Whatever the case may be, they look great alongside vintage clocks.

Raven Clock Tattoo

21. Another Incredible Pocket Clock Design

Often used to symbolize passion and desire, pocket clock tattoos are a huge hit with many people.

Pocket Clock Tattoo

22. This Heart Shaped Owl Clock Tattoo For Women

For the ladies!

Heart Shaped Owl Clock Tattoo For Women

23. Sugar Skull with Eye Clock Tattoo

A skull, and an eye with a tree growing out of it..wow!

Though the skull clock tattoos listed look relatively similar to one-another, they are all categorized differently. For instance, this design is considered to be a sugar skull, while the others listed are considered to be custom skulls.

Sugar Skull with Eye Clock Tattoo

24. The Grey Ink Melting Clock

Perhaps the saddest looking clock tattoo on the entire list..

Grey Ink Melting Clock

25. This Unique Steampunk Golden Clock Design

Believe it or not, golden clock tattoo designs are actually not too popular, which is rather surprising, considering how great they look.

Golden Clock Tattoo

26. Day Of The Dead Girl Clock

If you are looking to add a cultural twist or meaning to your clock tattoo, why not have it resemble day of the dead?

Day Of The Dead Girl Clock Tattoo

27. This Time Twisting Clock Back Tattoo

Maybe this person is interested in time travel.. or procrastinating.

Time Twisting Clock Back Tattoo

28. The Classic Hand Clock Tattoo Design

If you are not a normal 9-5 employee, and if you are ok with your tattoos being completely unhidden, then the classic hand clock tattoo design would suit you well.

Classic Hand Clock Tattoo Design

29. Train and Clock Tattoo

Driving right through time itself!

Train and Clock Tattoo

30. This Old-Style Clock With Wings

Not too hard to figure out the meaning behind this one! Time flies!

Old-Style Clock with Wings Tattoo

Though there are many different clock tattoo styles and designs, they all symbolize something different and have a powerful meaning behind them. While some may represent death and darkness, others may represent life and love.


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