The Branding Potential of the Internet Browser


The Internet browser, the gray gateway to the World Wide Web, is no longer relegated to being the drab workhorse of computing. There are plenty of options for a more stylish version through browser themes or “skins.”

Today we bring out the Branding Potential of the Internet Browser. Check out more on Firefox, Google Chrome and Thunder themes and tell us which one you prefer.

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There are great options for consumers wishing to customize their online experience. It‘s like going from the world of the Model T where you can have any color you want as long as it‘s black and suddenly finding yourself in the garage of West Coast Choppers. It‘s a slightly mixed metaphor, but it illustrates the idea.


For major brands, this has created a golden opportunity for gaining a persistent presence in the most used application on the computer. Users spend seconds on a web page, and may only visit a few times a month sites they really enjoy. There are capabilities in browsers that give marketers a unique opportunity to create an ongoing branded experience and connect with their audience in a way few other mediums allow. We‘ll step through a few of the options here.

With its extreme makeovers for Internet browsers, Thunder Themes allows you to download a background for your browser. This easily transforms a user‘s drab web-browser into an immerse experience. These browser themes feature different categories, colors, images and styles, plus content and functionality that extend browser‘s capabilities and can include video, music players or other Internet widgets.

Firefox Themes and Personas’

firefox themes and persona

Firefox is the clear leader in what many call alternative browsers. It‘s grown to 25 – 30% market share and offers a wealth of customization option. Many theme options are available within its Add-ons site and through it‘s own Persona extension. A Firefox theme allows changes to the background image in the browser chrome (the area with the navigation buttons and the URL address bar) plus new navigation buttons and other style elements. A Persona, by contrast, is a light theme where only the image in the browser chrome and background to browser tabs are changes. The functional elements in the browser remain unchanged.

Thunder Themes Interactive Browser Themes

browser themes

Both Firefox and Google Chrome enhance the standard look of the Internet browser with enticing visuals. Thunder Themes, however, takes the theme into the realm of experience. Thunder Themes makes things happen in the browser to increase engagement, connection and interaction, and it brings this capability to both the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. It is because of the engagement aspect that Thunder Themes calls its product an interactive browser theme.

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