The Team Behind A Well Done Website – Story Of Great Achievements


Website development and promotion is not a job of single man. There are many things that are required for the online promotions and developments of the websites.

As a matter of fact the people consider that the website development is a job of single man but this concept is not true because many expertise and professionals are required to do this simple looking job. The webmaster is no doubt called the responsible person but in fact there is a team required to help the web masters for the development of the websites. Different sections are handled by different professional experts and then a marvelous creation comes into existence.

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Who Are Different Members Of A Website Developing Team?

Now we know that only one person is not responsible for the creation of the websites so we should try to learn about other front and background members who equally participate for the development of the websites. These are the website idea makers who develop the ideas and plans to make the websites in unique and outstanding manners. They try to make the websites different from the existing websites because it is very important to create some difference in order to make your websites popular and well known. After the web planner gives the plan and idea the web developers come into the field to make the idea or plan of the planner a truth.

The Data Producers And Promoters

These are the people who develop or generate the data essential for the websites. All the websites contain some material, information and knowledge about different things so it is important for the website holders to upload the

data that is required by the websites. It‘s a crucial job because presenting the information and materials on the websites is not an easy job. It requires experience and knowledge of SEO and public affairs.

The SEO Experts And Web Hosts – Why They Are Essential Pillars Of Websites?

The SEO experts are the people who help the websites online. They work in coordination of the web hosts. The web hosts provide the websites online life by providing web space, web traffic services and many other important services that are must for the online success of the websites. Both SEO and web hosting experts promote the websites online thus contribute to make the websites popular.

Mission Statement

It is essential and key requirement of website development. Actually, it is the duty of the people who want to launch a website to give the developers an idea about the website. They tell the developers for what they are looking for a website and what their aims are. These things are essential because while developing the website the experts will keep the idea in mind. For example if you are looking for a website related to the women garments then the layout and graphics of the websites should match with the products and services you offer but if you are looking for a website related to the kids then the layout and graphics will be different.

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  1. For me a good development model composes of:
    – Project stakeholder or sponsor
    – Web project manager
    – Usability lead
    – Information architect
    – Art director
    – Web technology lead
    – Site production lead
    – Site editor


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