Promoting a Blog- Strategies to Get You Started


You spend hours to come up with innovative ideas to create what is there in your dreams, engaging content. But no matter how interesting your site is you cannot drive enough traffic unless you are aware how to promote a blog. You need to let the world know about your blog and give them an interesting reason to visit it, and if you‘re not able to do so I am afraid you will pull down your business on the list of endangered species.

Don‘t worry, today there are endless ways to proactively advertise your blogs and generate millions of targeted traffic to your blog section. To achieve success the possibilities are endless or should I say, the sky is the limit!

There is a saying in Chinese “as long as you‘re planning a journey, you own the journey. The minute you embark on that journey, the journey owns you.“ Thus, it is necessary to plan well but don‘t forget that to attain success you need not only have a good planning but should also get there and work rigorously.

Now it‘s time to get to it and here are some tips to show you the right path to promote your blog successfully.

Quality Content Matters a Lot

Quality Content Matters a Lot

I know you have just signed in and posted a new article, but that is not enough. You need to post fresh content on regular basis, so don‘t ignore it. By article posting I don‘t mean that you can post anything rubbish, you need to be very choosy about your post as quality content is what will get you the on the beginning path of success. It is quite imperative to know that visitors as well as search engines love quality and new content, so it‘s vital to post frequently. Along with regular post it is also important to maintain a good standard of your post. In short I must say the more content you have on your site the greater is the chance of ranking on top position in major search engines, which in turn will increase in organic traffic.

Amazing Way to Promote Through Social Bookmarking Sites

Amazing Way to Promote Through Social Bookmarking Sites

There are several Social Bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon and Digg through which you can promote your blog effectively. Well you should also remember the reasons why these sites are called “social“. You can‘t just go in and promote your blog there as it will not add value to the community which in turn means you will not be able to generate traffic to your site.


So to add value to the community you need to be active which means in a day you should devote some time to these sites even if it‘s just 10 to 15 minutes. You should also read other people‘s post, like them and share it. It means that the more you are active and generously participating the more people will reciprocate and your post will attain more traffic. Even there are social bookmarking software tools that let you to syndicate, to many sites at once.

Connecting Through Social Media

Connecting Through Social Media

By promoting your blog using Social media you will come across scores of potential visitors to your blog. So you can begin your promotion through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Well if you are not active on these sites then you should surely ask yourself ‘Why Not?‘ Today all the leading brands are on them and are gaining immense popularity and profit through Social Media. Thus, just stop adjourning and straight away get on it!

“¢ It is essential to ensure you have the Url of your blog on your profile.

“¢ Once you are ready with a new content share it with your followers and friends.

“¢ Join your relevant niche groups so that you can be counted as an active member.

“¢ Always comment and share others content and it will surely get reciprocated.

Explore By Writing Content for Other Sites

Explore By Writing Content for Other Sites

It is always beneficial to succeed as a recognized leader in your field. Thus influence people on other sites by your quality content as to promote your blog efficiently. There are numerous sites which allow you to submit articles written on any topic and one of the sites is Ezinearticles. Here you can write high quality articles and publish. You should also make sure that your profile on the site is complete and also include a link back to your blog. You also have an option to add Url of your blog in the body of the article, this will help you to gain great back links from high PR site.

There are several other sites like Squidoo and Hubpages with good ranking and good traffic. So you can write high quality content and leverage people thus build your brand identity.

Don‘t think much, just follow the crucial tips and get on the path of promoting your blog as to build your brand identity across the globe.

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  1. The way of promoting our blog using Social sharing is major think to get traffic,promoting our blog using Social media we will come across scores of potential visitors to our blog and Regular visitors also.Thanks.

  2. Nice tips here. I believe content quality and social media presence are two most important things while blog promotion.


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