5 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Your Website


Your website is the face of your business on the internet. It acts as an interface between you and your customers. People are introduced to your company through your website.

This makes it necessary for your website design to be appealing, functional and easy to navigate so that your customers can optimally avail of products or services. The appeal and navigability of a website hinges on two basal components namely – an attractive layout and a progressive code.


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Mentioned Below Are 5 Common Blunders Made By Developers While Designing A Website:

  1. Avoid PDF Files On Your Site – Have you ever searched for something on Google and clicked on a link which opened up as a PDF file? If you have then you would remember how inconvenient it is to read from a PDF file, not to mention annoying. PDF files can be very obtrusive to a user while browsing a page. PDF text files are not suitable for web pages as they are not compatible with standard browsers. Therefore PDF files may be good for printed documents such as manuals and pamphlets but certainly should not be your first choice for your website. If you have an existing PDF documents on your site convert them into regular web pages.
  2. Illegible Fonts And Large Blocks Of Text – While browsing the net you might have come across websites that try to impress their readers by using fancy fonts. However, the whole process becomes counterproductive when these so called fancy fonts don’t render correctly on your screen. Therefore a web design expert should incorporate the use of safe web fonts on websites. These fonts would render appropriately on your users screens. Restrict your sentences to just 3 per paragraph. This would make it easier for users to scan through the content on your page compared to one big block of text.
  3. Excess Flash Animation And GIF’s – So you have created a spectacular site and experimented a bit by filling your pages with a multitude of gif’s and flash animations. However, what may seem appealing to you may not necessarily be appealing to your visitors. Too many gif’s and flash animations would take a longer time to load and is not considered to be a good web programming practice. It has been established that in order to retain a user’s interest, your website should engross him within the first 7 seconds. Hence, you should avoid too many animations as this could add clutter to your page and take an inordinate time in loading.
  4. Opening Too Many Browser Windows – Picture this – you visit an ecommerce site to purchase a product and you click on it only to find that you’ve opened up several pages in the process. Too many browser windows to access a particular page can frustrate and annoy your customers and chances are that they would close your site and move on to a competitor’s page. Hence, you should restrict the number of browser windows for your pages and design them in a way so that your links open in the same window.
  5. Using Embedded Music Files – This is probably one of the biggest blunders in website design. While audio files might be suitable for a presentation, it is highly inappropriate to include embedded music on your page. This would repel customers immediately as they would be too engrossed in trying to close your page in order to get rid of the music rather than browsing your website.

Use simple designs and flexible platforms such as WordPress or Joomla to make your website neat, user-friendly and inviting. And most importantly, avoid these common mistakes that have been discussed above, as they tend to spoil your efforts!

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  1. This are just some of the mistakes to avoid but these mistakes takes the biggest percentage in all mistakes percentage in web designing.

  2. The mistakes listed above are mostly done by the new designers and makes their website dumb and more heavy. By avoiding these mistakes one can make his/her website easy to load and eye catching as well.


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