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If you are a freelancer looking for a platform to showcase your business, micro blogging is the answer. With a smaller content than a regular blog, micro blogs allow you to exchange content that is small sentences, video links or images. It allows you to update your status or talk about any interesting subject. Some of the notable micro blogging sites are twitter, Tumblr, Plurk , Jaiku , Emote.in. If you are already on Facebook , LinkedIn, Google + and Xing, you could try out the micro blogging feature that they offer. Some of these micro blogging sites allow you to post topics and people‘s reactions. Some sites allow you to share your emotions; others integrate micro blogs with event invitations. Some websites combine micro blogs from different social networks into a single list and others send your micro blogs to other social network sites. Researchers use information given on these micro blogs for their studies, which can be used effectively for making government policies.

So you see micro blogging has many uses. For a freelancer like you, micro blogging can be a key tool. Instead of a two person dialogue on email, micro blogs can reach more people at the same time. It is the new medium of communication for organizations and for freelancers like you. It increases your chances of sharing information, learning more about your co worker‘s skill and building bridges between you and your clients.

Micro-blogging freelancing sites are the brand new way for you to make money on the net. You can investigate these sites to see what they have on offer. You can increase your client base many fold with the help of these sites.

Using micro blogs for freelancing is easy enough. As a freelancer, you can write a blog post on a website. Keep your blog incomplete and reasonably priced. A client looking for a particular service will buy your work and you complete the work for them. Your payment will come through the website.

There are endless possibilities for you with these micro blogging sites. These sites give a common ground for those who want to sell and their buyers. It is a win-win situation for both. A buyer has an option of looking into what kind of product he will get before he actually takes on the freelancer. The freelancer gets a new business and a new client. He can get lucky and strike a long-term business deal.

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Effective Use Of Micro Blogs

Effective Use Of Micro Blogs

How can a freelancer use micro blogging to make money?


“¢ To begin with, you must complete your profile. It is useful to put up some samples of your work, your professional training and your skills. This will give your buyers an idea as to your work and you will be on your way to earning some money.

“¢ Another thing to consider is your work. Is this what people are looking for? You must make sure your posts are required by your prospective clients in the long-term. The idea is not to make a quick buck here but to have your client coming back for more.

“¢ Of course your post should be clear enough to the person reading it. If not, you might end up doing more work for a little remuneration. You must go exactly as you have described in your post which should be pretty accurate, down to the last detail.

“¢ Be very clear that you are looking for clients for more work rather than limiting yourself to a one time assignment.

Sites For Freelance Writers

Sites For Freelance Writers

While you may find a demand for writing jobs, you have to face a lot of competition. So when you go looking for a job, make sure you do plenty of research. Such activity will help you improve your ‘researching skills‘. You will have to learn to be aggressive in going after your leads. When you have made a name for yourself, you will find clients coming to you.

Freelancing websites link clients with writers. Given below are some websites that can be of help to freelancers. Make sure you go through all terms and conditions, payments and their schedule.

“¢ FreelanceSwitch.com: Although, this site is not popular, you may find an opening here.

“¢ Elance.com: Lots of jobs on this one. You will find this simple to use.

“¢ Odesk.com: Here is a site which offers plenty of jobs. These jobs may not pay well. You might have to sift through to find what you are looking for and it may be a little difficult to use.

“¢ Freelancer.com: Even though this site has recently acquired a new name, you will find plenty of jobs here.

“¢ Ifreelance.com: This site is not so active, but is easy to use.

Businesses – organizations and freelancers will soon find that they cannot do without micro blogging.

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  1. Micro blogs should be opted for only if you are extremely knowledgeable about the topic you are choosing. I once came across a blog which was completely on lavender. Now, that is a micro-micro niche`. But it had me hooked on to the site b’cos the writer really knew what she was trying to say.
    Go fo a micro niche site ONLY if you are actually an expert at it.
    Or else, you’ll be doomed! :(


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