1. Branding has been around with us since the beginning of the world. It is not a 19th century invention. The only difference is that today we give it more weight than previously. Branding is not only visual. It can be achieved in many different ways using many different media and venues. Branding is not so much produced as it is recognized. An auto shop could have come up with a Nike logo and placed it on its sign, but without proper marketing, product, and history, it would remain hanging only on that auto shop forever.

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    help pls can u guide me step by step on how to design logos,banners and icon (with text)
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  3. A very interesting article. I think in some ways logo branding is around more then ever now, and website franchises can be recognized just by their logo. Like Slodive, who have a great logo, very effective.

  4. A logo is very important for a brand or business to grow. It should be made according the company and its work. It also helps to grow the business.


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