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The latest version of Adobe‘s Creative Suite has been released and there a few changes for users to get use to. First users will now have a subscription method of payment if they prefer.

You will be able to purchase using a month to month price or a yearly contract. Don’t worry you can still purchase the entire collection upfront. The cost for the standard CS5.5 is $1,299 and the Master Collection is $2,599. Users will also get the access to the new iPad apps that are being released to use with Photoshop CS5. Adobe has also included Acrobat Pro X in all versions of the suite which is new to this release. In the past users had to go out and purchase Acrobat separately.

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One of the biggest changes has been Adobe’s movement away from Flash a bit. With Apple owning a bigger share everyday of internet users and its refusal to incorporate Flash Adobe has been put in a corner.

Adobe did update Flash Professional in the package though. Developers will now be able to work in Flash 10.2 and AIR 2.6. You also will find it easier to be able to release apps on the Android Market.


Users who work the Premier Pro for video editing will notice increased performance when using Nvidia video cards. The software will use more of the graphics chips from Nvidia products using CUDA programming. Also in the video editing the Warp Stabilizer has been added to eliminate shakes in the camera feed.

The updates with Photoshop were limited and Adobe did not feel it was necessary to update the version name on the software. Users will find out that they just fixed a few bugs and security issues that were prevalent in the software. The one update that will come in handy is the communication to the iPad and the set of apps that are soon to be released Eazel, Color Lava and Nav. This communication port that has been opened can also be used by other programs. Expect in the near future for developers to take advantage of this.

For designers that work with InDeisgn you will notice that you are able to be a little fancier when you publish items. A quick look shows that you can produce documents that will resize correctly to different screen which is a nice feature for users. This is just another step that will allow users to create an object and allow it to present its best on the screen.

One of the biggest updates to the entire package was to Dreamweaver. You will find an abundance of prebuilt Java script codes that will allow your designers to quickly build sites. Also included is an update to CSS3 formatting. This update in formatting will make it easier for your websites to look correctly in different browsers and screens.

Most of these updates are just a carry over to keep us waiting until version 6. Adobe also noted that they are changing to a 2 year update cycle instead of an 18 month one. While this not affect all it is nicer for some of us that don’t love to upgrade as quickly. With every version update our designers and workers need to adjust costing us productive man hours.

The biggest anticipation of course is for the communication between the iPad and the suite. With more and more people using tablets the ability to speak between them is critical. iPad users are also waiting for the day when they can use Photoshop on the tablet. For now we just will have to wait and play with our three new apps.

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  1. It’s to find a review of Adobe‘s Creative Suite 5.5. Although they have upgraded to CS6, am still using my CS5 Master Collection which I acquired exactly two moths after launch. Am hoping to get my hands into CS6 but not so quick.



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