The Importance of Thinking Mobile When Building Your Website


Reasons why its important to have a mobile friendly website. With the rise in popularity of smart phones and tablets, many more users are accessing the Internet via a mobile device.

Users that find themselves away from home may even find themselves accessing websites exclusively from a mobile device. From shopping to finding local services, mobile internet usage is no longer relegated to checking email. Unfortunately, mobile devices don’t always display websites in the same manner a normal PC would. In some cases, a standard website may be unusable on a mobile device. For these reasons, it’s important to be mindful of mobile users when building a website.

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Businesses that focus on e-commerce, selling products and services on their site, need to be especially mindful of mobile users. Many consumers use their mobile devices to check prices while shopping in stores in order to make sure they’re getting the best deal. If they find a site offering what they need for a cheaper rate, they can make the purchase right there from their device without waiting until they get home. By making a website mobile-friendly, both while browsing and while checking out, customers will have no problems making a purchase. Without a site optimized for mobile browsing, the customer may just decide that it isn’t worth the hassle, and may decide to simply purchase the item for a higher price from a retail store or another online store.


Attracting local customers to a physical location is another reason to have an easily accessible mobile site. Potential customers often use GPS services to locate business nearby that can help them with their needs. For instance, if a customer needs to find an auto service shop or an Italian restaurant, their smart phone can tell them the closest one nearby. Without a mobile site, these users may not be able to get more information on one of these businesses, such as what services are offered at a repair shop or what menu items a restaurant serves. In cases where they are offered multiple options for fulfilling a certain need, the consumer will almost always go with the business that they know the most about. Having information readily available via a mobile site means more local customers will choose your business first when using their mobile devices.


Those who travel a lot, such as business people and those on vacation, may find themselves using mobile internet services exclusively. While they may visit a website frequently on their home PC, they might find that same website are unusable on a mobile device. In these cases, the customer may begin to visit a more mobile-friendly site of a competitor. Customers can be lost completely in this case, as they may turn to the competitor exclusively from that point onward. After using the competitor’s mobile site for so long, they’re likely to continue using them when they finally do return home. By having a mobile-friendly website, you allow your customers and other potential visitors to continue having a great experience, regardless of where they are.

In many cases, making a mobile site is fairly easy. It’s simply a matter of having your site detect if a visitor is on a mobile device, and tailoring the site’s design and functionality for that device. While it may seem unnecessary, preventing the potential loss of customers and visitors is worth the extra effort.

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  1. This is a good read. I like the way the article is simply written – straight to the point. I am a strong supporter of design for mobile first and this article will help to convince lots of guys out there to think mobile while designing websites.

  2. Now a days, all people are supposed to do their work in mobile. Mobile banking, mobile blogging.. etc are the present trend of people. So every blog design needs to be responsive and compatible with the latest gadgets to compete with real world.

    • Your right Pavan. People seems to work in mobile nowadays. The availability of activities in mobile growing faster that people always depends on it.

  3. Mobiles are just not for entertainment anymore. You can now get every information at your finger tips anywhere you go, thanks to everyday improving mobile technology. That can be counted as one of the mail reason, why Mobile Themes are becoming extremely popular.

  4. nice points listed here. One can’t ignore the mobile users while creating a website. Having a mobile version of website is very important today.

  5. Wow. You have clearly explained all the points and made it clear that how important is mobile users while building a website.


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