Importance Of W3C Validation In Web Design


As an online marketer the success of your business depends a lot on how best you can create a positive impression in the minds of your customers. Thus having a web site with an appealing and structured web design can help your business prosper considerably.

Your website is an online representation of your business. This makes it essential for your design to render correctly on the screens of your customers without any glitches. While choosing a web designer for your site, you should ensure that he adheres to the W3C standard.


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The W3C or World Wide Web Consortium is an international web monitoring standard for the internet. The objective of the W3C is to ensure that all websites and their components work effectively without any glitches. In order to achieve its purpose the W3C has laid down a protocol of web design which your website needs to adhere to. Following these guidelines would boost the success of your website by leaps and bounds. Incorporating the W3C standard into your web design would restrict the amount of coding on your pages and make the content more accessible to your visitors. Doing so would make it easier for search engine spiders to crawl your web pages and index them. This would greatly increase your page rank on search engine listings and enhance the visibility of your website.

Here are some of the benefits your site would enjoy if your web design is W3C compliant:

  • SEO Friendly – By adhering to the W3C standards for your website, you would make it very SEO friendly. Having an SEO friendly website in today’s business climate is extremely necessary. The W3C standard would ensure that your site is optimized and easily accessible by search engine spiders. This would boost the visibility of your site phenomenally.
  • User Friendly And Easy Accessibility – The success of all websites depends upon how navigable or user friendly their website is. By incorporating the W3C standard compliant code your website would function optimally on any device. This would create a pleasant browsing experience for your users and they would keep coming back for more.
  • Very Easy To Maintain – The W3C standard being a universal one, consists of a standard coding style. Incorporating this code into your web design would make it very easy to maintain your website.
  • An Effective Quality Gauge – The W3C is also a useful quality yardstick. Using this code you can determine whether your web design is outdated or is in sync with the latest design standard specifications.

The W3C validation would ensure that your website is compliant with the industry standards and specifications that are prevalent in the market today. Adhering to this standard would greatly improve the functionality of your site and make it more accessible to your customers. 

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  1. For me the most important reason for making your website validate properly is for the cross-browser compatibility. The worst mistake anyone can make with a website is to ignore the number of different internet browsers and operating systems out there. None of them process information in the same way, so it’s an excellent idea to always make sure your website validates to some form of W3C standard.

  2. It also check for all errors in HTML coding and fix them when possible. If anyone pay for a designer, put something in the contract that the site must pass W3C validation.


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