How To Write A Quality Post


What is a post? If you are a freelancer and a writer, knowledge of a post and its writing will be helpful. Your blog‘s front page has contents listed in a reverse chronological manner which is a post. All posts have dates which are a part of the URL. A post is different from a page.

Publishing Posts

Publishing Posts

There are many ways of publishing a new post.

“¢ You can click on the ‘New post‘ button which is found on the right side of your toolbar. Press this and you will find that the ‘post editor‘ has slid down. Now select the kind of content you would like to put up- post, photo, video, quote or a link. Click ‘write a post‘if you want to write a text post or a post which includes images. Next, you select a kitchen sink icon for text formatting options. Complete writing your post and select the blog where you would like to post it. You may have more than one blog. Now that you have finished the blog, click ‘publish post‘. You can now view your post.

“¢ Besides creating your posts and publishing them, a Dash Board Editor does a bit more. You can have a look at your posts before publishing them, schedule the publishing for another time, include categories and use the help of writing helper. You can access this from posts-> Add New.

“¢ If you find it easier, use your email account to publish your post. Use the ‘post by Email‘ option.

“¢ You can edit or delete your post – draft or published. You have to go to posts> All posts and select the post you want. You can make your changes or delete it.

Tips To Write Quality Posts

Tips To Write Quality Posts

Now that you know all about putting up a post, you still need to know how to write a good quality one. A blog should be well written with meaningful insights and posts that will entail comments from your readers. They will respond by leaving comments for you. You could do with some tips:

“¢ The topic that you chose should be something that you know like the back of your hand. Write your posts in such a manner that your readers keep coming back and leave useful comments. Add photos or write something controversial and watch your readership growing.


“¢ Your headline has to be snazzy enough to catch the eye. So take the trouble, be creative and write a headline that will get you your viewership. Look at other blog headlines for ideas.

“¢ Once you have got your headline, think of organizing your content. Make use of numbering or bullets for a neat labelled look. This is sure to help you conquer the writer‘s block.

“¢ How about building a bridge to connect with your reader? You can start by asking questions which the reader will feel the need to react to. If you only have facts and figures and nothing to trigger a response, you can hardly expect a response. Your starting question will help you get started on the right track by getting down to the answers.

“¢ Your posts should have the latest information. So keep in touch with current affairs and the newest trends. You can write something controversial which is sure to get reactions from your readers. Be certain about dates if you refer to an article published earlier- you might find the post was three years old with irrelevant matter.

“¢ When you are writing a blog, do give some valuable information to your readers. Do not keep away any information; you will be able to write faster and better.

“¢ Stick to your own personal style. Research well before you begin and use your own voice.

“¢ You may add links to related blogs of the subject you have chosen. You can share with other social networking site by clicking the share button.

“¢ While the beginning is important, so is the ending. Learn the art of concluding by summarizing all the important points. This is a fulfilling experience for you as well.

“¢ Your blog should also be participatory. You can have surveys or put up special presentations and videos. Take any suggestions from the comments that you have received and respond to it. Answer comments and emails.

“¢ A good quality post will get you a good response. You have to read and re-read your article before posting it. While a spell check is essential, you need to proof read to make sure your article is understandable.

“¢ If you are using someone else‘s picture or idea it is only correct to give them credit. Be careful of adding pictures and look out for sharing rules. Locate an original image using search engine.

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