How To Take Flight On Twitter and Become A Twegend


Millions of people use micro blogging website Twitter but not everyone is using the platform to its full potential. Here’s some simple advice to ensure you are one of the people that are.

On March 16th it was announced that for the first time in the UK, social networking websites have overtaken entertainment websites (such as BBC’s iPlayer and Channel 4’s homepage) as the busiest hubs for online activity. This news will no doubt fuel even more individuals and business to start using popular social networking websites in order to reach and interact with new audiences. Unfortunately however, I have come across far too many poorly ran accounts during my two years on micro blogging website Twitter.

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Fortunately for you dear reader, I am now going to share some basic – but essential – tips for optimizing the use of your personal of business Twitter account.


Profile Image

Firstly, it is imperative that you change the default “egg” profile image provided by the site when your sign up for an account. Many tweet searching tools will automatically dismiss all of your tweets should you not change this icon. This is because many of the spam accounts (estimated to be 4% of all existing accounts according to on the site use this default egg and so real accounts that happen to do the same are also treated as spam and are therefore filtered out. Other tweeters will also be far more reluctant to follow you back if they spot the default egg on your profile.


The bio that you include on you profile is also of great importance. Whilst it may be tempting to fill this space with a joke, anecdote or a quote from your favourite TV show, you should occupy this space with keywords relevant to the types of people you want to connect with. Users will use these keywords when searching for other tweeters to follow. If you work in the realm of SEO and are looking for other SEO experts to follow for example, then obviously “SEO” should appear in your bio. Equally, if you run a business that sells “hair accessories” or you own an “erotic cakes bakery” then you should mention these keywords. You can mix work with pleasure by mentioning keywords related to both in your bio but remember, you do only have 160 characters to play with!

Be A Influential User is a really useful website to use to determine how efficient and influential user of Twitter you are. Users with a rank of 40 or above are deemed as having at least some influence to the Twitter behaviour of other users (the higher the score, the more influential you are). I am currently ranking at 41 with 157 followers. For comparative purposes, the legendary Stephen Fry – who has a whopping 2.3 million followers – is ranking much higher 84. Having a balanced mix of conversational tweets, retweets (RTs) as well as “passing thought” tweets are beneficial to your rank also since a reliance on one type makes for less dynamic feeds. You can also gain achievement badges on Klout; “100 Unique Retweeters” and “50 unique mentions” are just two examples.


Building categories and lists of users (or reaching a level of influence which will see others begin to include you in their own) is another great way for ensuring that you can find and be found by others working in a similar industry or whom you share interests with.

Be Active

Lastly, it is important to be an active user of Twitter. Posting the odd interesting tweet should gain you a few followers, sure, but getting yourself heard or your brand seen by as many people as possible is dependant on you conversing with others across the platform. This is why quite a number of contemporary businesses have a department dedicated to social media alone.

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  2. Millions of people use micro blogging website Twitter but not everyone is using the platform to its full potential. This article truly guides on how to become an active twegend.


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